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   Chapter 424 Not Everyone Can Have Happiness

Head Over Heels By Chang Du Characters: 9429

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In the world of love, there were ups and downs, which were very common. On the other hand, Heidy hoped that her love with Hearst could last forever.

Today, when Heidy was concentrating on her work, she heard that Cathy had broken up with James. Hearing the news, Heidy was surprised. After all, they were engaged. Even if they had a quarrel before, she thought they would get married, but she didn't expect...

In the evening, in the club. Heidy and Hearst appeared together. Today was a party between their friends, and Heidy attended it as a family member. As soon as she entered, she saw James drinking. She noticed that he didn't look well. After all, they just broke up. Heidy could understand.

Walking forward and sitting down beside him, Heidy asked with concern, "Why did you break up with her all of a sudden?"

James put down the glass, looked at Heidy and said dejectedly, "Different values lead to communication problems. Besides, I don't think I know her anymore. She is no longer the innocent and lovely girl."

Hearing her words, Heidy could understand. As she got along with Cathy, she found that Cathy's character was changing. "Don't you regret breaking up with her? I hope you can think about it seriously and don't make a decision on impulse. Otherwise, you will regret it."

Shaking his head, James said firmly, "I won't regret it. I didn't make the decision on impulse. In fact, I wanted to break up with her two or three months ago. But considering that we had been engaged, if they broke up, it would hurt her a lot. But I didn't expect that there are more and more conflicts between us now. She is too obsessed with wealth and reputation."

Looking at his expression, Heidy smiled and said, "Girls will yearn for good things. Although she comes from the countryside, she has lived in the city for a long time. It's natural that she is eager for those things."

"But I don't like her to compare with others. And... Forget it. I don't want to talk about it anymore. Anyway, our relationship is over. Our culture is so different. Sometimes she didn't know what I'm talking about." James said helplessly.

Understanding what he meant, Heidy nodded and said, "Well, there is a gap in your education background, and you two have nothing in common. This should be the key problem to your breakup. Forget it. I won't persuade you anymore. Now that you have broken up, you should get rid of the sadness as soon as possible."

Hearing this, James smiled and said, "In fact, I'm not sad. I just feel pathetic. You know, Heidy, I'm serious about every relationship, although I look like I'm not that serious. Therefore, I feel a little heartbroken when I see what kind of person Cathy is now."

Patting him on the shoulder, Heidy comforted him, "It's human nature. I wish you find a better gi

t said in a low voice, "Heidy is my wife. It's my duty to take care of her. Now that you have come out, you should work hard in the future. Now you have nothing to rely on. You can only rely on yourself."

Jack nodded with a smile and said, "I know. I learn a lot from the prison life this time. I have spent too much time in prison, so I can fully recall the past. In the past, it was because I was too bad that I would end up like that. I can only have myself to blame. Seeing that Heidy can find her own happiness, I can rest assured. Hearst, I hope you and Heidy can be happy forever."

"Of course we will." Hearst replied with certainty.

After taking a look at Heidy, Jack turned around and said with a smile, "Then I'll go first. Goodbye." Then he lowered his head and walked forward.

Watching Jack's receding figure, Heidy felt a little depressed. This man used to be the one she loved deeply, but she did not expect such a result now. "One has to pay for what they had done." Said Heidy with emotion.

Holding her hands, ten fingers interlocked, Hearst said in a hoarse voice, "Well, it was his own choice."

With a bright smile on her lips, Heidy turned around and said, "In fact, we should also thank him. Because of him, I know how wonderful you are. If she hadn't treated me like that, how could we hold hands like now? So sometimes I felt that many things were destined. Just like our fate."

Caressing her head, Hearst replied dotingly, "That makes sense, but I also believe that even without him, we can still love each other. Because we are destined to be together since we were born."

With a bright smile, Heidy opened her arms around Hearst's neck. Hearst held her waist and hugged her in the street as if no one was around. Resting her chin on his shoulder, Heidy looked ahead and smiled brightly. "It's so good to have you." Said Heidy softly.

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