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   Chapter 421 Chattering Mr. Hearst

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What was the definition of happy life? She had a husband who loved her so much, a lovely child, and good friend who was as close as her family. Therefore, Heidy felt that she was really lucky.

On the weekend, Heidy, Elsa and Gavin climbed the mountain with Jessica. Jessica walked slowly up the mountain with Ben and a group of people with the purpose of exercise. She enjoyed the view while climbing the mountain.

Heidy and Jessica climbed side by side, gasping for breath and looking at the children who had already been a little far away from them. "Dad, auntie, hurry up!" Gavin put his hands at his mouth and shouted at them.

Seeing this, Heidy also replied loudly, "Gavin, take good care of Elsa and Ben."

"Got it." Gavin shouted, and then continued to lead the two little fellows up the mountain. Because of Ben's young age, the nanny sometimes carried him and let him walk for a short distance.

Tired, Jessica sat on the chair to rest. She patted her legs and said, "Why are those kids running so fast? Are we really old?"

Hearing this, Heidy chuckled and said, "Children are more energetic. In their eyes, climbing the mountain is a very interesting thing, so there will be passion."

Nodding approvingly, Jessica leaned on the shoulder of Heidy and said, "That's right. After all, we are not young anymore, and we have no passion for that kind of exercise for a long time. Besides, I often sit in the office and don't walk at all. It's difficult for me."

Looking at her expression, Heidy teased, "Jessica, you were very strong before. Now you're much weaker, and you're also like a weak little woman."

Raising her chin proudly, Jessica retorted, "I'm not weak. My Taekwondo is still strong, and it's easy for me to beat a hooligan. But I haven't practiced martial arts for a long time. I'm so lonely."

Heidy giggled and said in a flirtatious tone, "Those hooligans don't want to be beaten up by you and Noah together. After all, you two are always together now."

Cupping her cheeks with both hands, Jessica pretended to be shy and said, "No, you're so busy. I can't even hang out with you often. So I have to ask Noah to accompany me."

Raising her eyebrows, Heidy patted her on the shoulder as if she understood her and said with a smile, "Well, you don't have to explain. I understand."

Seeing the expression on her face, Jessica retorted in a hurry, "Aren't you more intimate with Hearst now? There are always news of you two hugs and kisses, and I'm almost immune to them. Heidy, keep it down a notch."

Laughing, Heidy thought it was interesting to chat with Jessica. "Is Hearst on a business trip?" Jessica asked casually.

"Yes, there is something wrong with the European company. He has been there to deal with it for five days. He will come back the day after tomorrow." Explained Heidy.

Nodding with understanding, Jessica smiled and said, "I knew it. Hearst cares about you very much. It'

tired face when he came back home. Sometimes, he would help her take a shower and dry her hair as he did now.

She thought that she could only have such a romantic life in the early stage of their relationship, but Hearst gave her a big surprise. All the time, Hearst had told her with practical actions that their marriage would only be more romantic than their passionate love period.

Finally, he dried his hair. Touching her head, Hearst lowered his head and smelled her fresh hair. "Well, it smells good. Do dry your hair when I'm not at home, okay?"

"I only forget for a few times, but you kept nagging me about it for so long. Mr. Hearst, you are getting more and more verbose." Said Heidy coquettishly.

Raising his eyebrows, Hearst looked at her and said, "You dislike me so soon?"

With her hands around his neck, Heidy leaned forward and said with a bright smile, "I dare not. You can still nag me now. I should be anxious if you don't want to tell me this. Only when you care about me will you say it, right?"

Rubbing her nose, Hearst said dotingly, "You're smart." Then, he kissed her on the lips.

Blushing, Heidy held her face in her hands and pretended to be shy, "I'm smart."

With a smile on his face, Hearst carried her to the bedside and lifted the quilt for her. "It's late. Lie down quickly." While speaking, Hearst had already lay beside her and turned off the light.

Seeing this, Heidy was surprised. When she was about to say something, she saw that Hearst's lips had fallen. Hot kisses kept falling down, and he quickly unfastened her bathrobe. Understanding what he meant, Heidy wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately.

They had been apart for a few days, and the two of them missed each other a little. With Hearst's flirtation, the temperature in the room kept rising. The air was full of passion.

The moon was bright and the stars were sparse. Tonight was destined to be sleepless night.

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