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   Chapter 420 Marry With Love

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Happy time was always short. In a twinkling of an eye, Heidy and Hearst had been married for four years. It was said that love would fade as time went by, and love would slowly turn into family bond. But in Heidy's opinion, this was not the case. At least for her and Hearst, their marriage was still filled with sweet love.

In the meeting room of the Hua Group, Heidy listened attentively to the managers of different departments reporting work. Crossing her hands in front of her, Heidy didn't interrupt the managers with cold eyes.

It was not until all the managers reported that she responded purposely. After years of work practice, Heidy had been able to solve the company's internal problems well. "Now the real estate industry sluggish, so we should think more about some measures to reduce our losses. Now the country has taken restrictions on the real estate industry, and the current market is not as good as before." Said Heidy in a low voice.

The market manager nodded and said respectfully, "Yes, boss. I will ask our colleagues to do market research and accurately grasp the market situation in all aspects."

The sales manager echoed, "Our department will make a reasonable promotion policy this week."

Hearing everyone's words, a smile appeared on Heidy's face. She nodded and said, "That's good. The real estate depression is only temporary. What we need to do is to let our company continue to take the lead in this battlefield. Well, today's meeting is over. All departments have their own duties. If you want to get a better annual bonus, work harder."

"Yes, boss." Everyone said in one voice. Then they left the meeting room together.

Leaning against the seat, Heidy rubbed her temples with her finger pulps. With a faint smile on her lips, she closed her eyes slightly. After a short rest, she stood up, turned around and walked outside.

Warren walked beside her and handed the document to her. He smiled and said, "Boss, you need to have lunch with Mr. Liu from M company."

Hearing this, Heidy turned to look at him and said with a smile, "Warren, today is Wednesday."

Hearing her answer, Warren patted his head and said shyly, "Look at me. I'm so impatient. I've been so busy recently that I forgot today is Wednesday. Boss, I'll move the lunch party to tomorrow, okay?"

"Yes, thank you." As she spoke, Heidy walked into the office.

Sitting at her desk, her phone vibrated. Heidy picked it up and answered with a smile, "Hello, I just had a meeting. What about you?"

"Me too. What do you want for lunch?" Hearst's deep and pleasant voice came from the other end of the phone.

Leaning against the chair, with a brilliant smile on her lips, Heidy tapped her fingertips on the table and said with a smile, "We went to the Old House last week. I have to change it this week. But Hearst, we have visited all the delicious restaurants in A city. I really don't know where should we go."

Both Hearst and Heidy had thei

r, Hearst wouldn't have been ligatured. In this way, she could rest for at least a few months when she was pregnant. Every time he heard this, Hearst felt it interesting. For him, having a child was enough. Giving birth to a baby was a life risk, and he didn't want to put Heidy in danger.

Finally, her neck felt better. Stretching herself, Heidy said with satisfaction, "It's so comfortable. After taking a shower, the busy day will finally pass."

Then Hearst stood up and held her hand, "Let's go."

Looking at the man in front of her, she said sincerely, "Hearst, I like my current life very much. Although it's a little tired, it's full for me. I always think that a couple should not chase each other."

"Then what kind of relationship do you think is the best?" Hearst asked in a low voice.

Jumping in front of him, Heidy held his arm and said with a smile, "Our relationship. We support each other and move forward together."

Hearing her words, he rubbed her nose and said dotingly, "Well, it's really good."

"What's more, our past can make our relationship more unbreakable. It's not easy for those women outside to seduce you. In this way, I will feel a little more relieved." Said Heidy with a bright smile.

The two of them walked through difficulties. It was not easy for her to live a happy life now. For Heidy, she really felt happy. Fortunately, the man she met was Hearst.

Holding her hand tightly, Hearst said, "Don't think too much. Once I fall in love with you, I won't change my mind. You will never be able to escape from me for the rest of your life."

Squinting her eyes, Heidy said with a sweet smile, "Okay, I see."

Hearing her words, Hearst burst into laughter. "Little cat, it's time to go to bed." Hearst said dotingly and led her to the bedroom.

Looking at the man beside her, Heidy felt warm in her heart all the time. In the dark night sky, the stars kept blinking, as if they were admiring their intimate marriage life.

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