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   Chapter 417 Good Results

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In a twinkling of an eye, Heidy had been injured at home for a month. In the past, life seemed to be busy. Now that she had nothing to do, she was not used to it. Gavin was going to have a class, and Hearst was going to deal with the business of the company. Elsa had already started her early education. It was very boring for Heidy to stay at home alone.

Therefore, in order not to let Heidy lose her temper in depression, Hearst took her and the children out on weekends to enjoy the happy time of the family.

Heidy had always been longing for the natural scenery, so Hearst took her to a beautiful scenic spot. However, as the fracture of Heidy's thigh hadn't healed yet, she could only sit in a wheelchair. This time, Hearst took them to the grassland.

Sitting in a wheelchair and looking at the galloping horses on the grassland not far away, Heidy said in surprise, "Wow, those horses are so fast, even faster than the horses on TV."

Standing next to her, Hearst looked in the direction of her gaze and said with a smile, "Of course, these are all nomadic horses with innate wildness. The horse used to shoot TV series has been tamed. No matter how fast it runs, it is still unable to defeat the horse in the grassland."

Hearing his explanation, Heidy agreed, "Indeed, it seems that they are still happy to be a horse on the grassland. And the eagle could fly freely in the sky. It's my first time to come to such a big grassland. It's interesting. Look, there are so many interesting Mongolia yurts there."

Touching her head, Hearst said with a smile, "Of course, the local customs here are very different from that of A city. The people here were bold and unrestrained. It's also a good thing to travel here occasionally."

Just as the two were chatting, Elsa ran over not far away. "Dad, mom..."

Then Hearst squatted down and stretched out his hands, while Elsa skillfully ran into his arms. With her arms around his neck, Elsa pointed ahead and pouted, "Dad, brother doesn't allow me to ride a horse."

Seeing her sullen face, Hearst said with a smile, "He doesn't allow you to ride a horse for your sake. It's a little dangerous to ride a horse. You're too young. You can ride a horse when you grow up."

"Brother is also a child." Elsa asked in confusion.

"Your brother is a big boy. He is very smart. I believe that he agreed to ride on a horse because he won't get hurt. Elsa, when you grow up, dad will take you to ride a horse." Said Hearst dotingly.

Elsa kissed on his face and said with a smile, "Okay, you should keep your promise. Mom, you are the witness."

Hearing their conversation, Heidy smiled and said, "Okay, I know."

Not far away, Gavin came on a horse accompanied by local villagers. Seeing this, Heidy looked at him. She saw the seriousness on his face, which was very similar to Hearst's expression. Coincidentally, Gavin rode a white horse today, which looked exactly like the prince charming.


re and concern. In an instant, his palm didn't hurt. "It's okay." Gavin said softly.

"Don't talk nonsense. The skin has been rubbed. Go and deal with the wound. What if it gets inflamed? Zelda, we should have brought some medicine here. You go and see if there is any anti-inflammatory drugs." Urged Heidy.

The nanny turned around and ran to the tent to look for medicine. Looking at Heidy, Gavin finally smiled and said, "It really doesn't matter. It's just a small wound. When I was in the kindergarten, I got more serious injuries. Dad said that men are not afraid of pain."

During this period of time, Gavin rarely smiled at Heidy, which made her stunned. After a long while, she said, "In my eyes, you are not a man. You are just my child. I don't want to see you get hurt."

Gavin looked at her. In her eyes, his figure was reflected. During this period of time, the depression suppressed in the heart of Gavin was suddenly swept away. The feeling of being suddenly enlightened made Gavin happy. Thinking of this, he smiled with relief, "I know. What a long winded woman. Mom, I'm hungry. I want to eat."

Huh? Staring at him blankly, Heidy didn't respond for a moment, "Gavin, what did you just call me?"

Rolling his eyes at her directly, Gavin pretended to be disgusted and said, "You're not that old. Why are you deaf so soon? Let's go. I'm going to have meals." Then, he walked forward.

After taking a few steps, seeing that they hadn't followed, Gavin looked at Hearst and said, "Dad, I'll go back first. Don't stay here too long with mom." With that, he hurried forward.

Hearing that, Heidy finally came to her senses. She excitedly held Hearst's hand and said, "Hearst, did you hear that? Gavin is willing to call me."

With a smile in his eyes, Hearst said, "Well, he finally felt your love."

Tears of joy were rolling in her eyes. With a bright smile, Heidy said, "That's great. Gavin is finally willing to call me mom. That's great..."

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