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   Chapter 413 Discrimination

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 9313

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Hearst and Noah were good friends, while Heidy and Jessica were best friends. Therefore, the relationship between the two families was really close. They would have party several times a month. And the party was held at Noah's home this time.

Holding Jessica's hand, Heidy was chatting, while Hearst and Noah were talking about the current economic situation. Gavin and Elsa were busy playing with Ben, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

"I still like this kind of life. It feels so good. When you were not here, the house was very quiet." Jessica grumbled, "You don't know how serious Hearst was. He didn't even allow me and Noah to show off our love in front of him. He said he would be sad since you were not with him back then. So me and Noah have no choice but to hold back out feelings and desires."

Heidy chuckled and said, "That's good. It is a suffering when you are alone in the crowd. But now, you can do whatever you want now."

Hearing this, Jessica said, "No, I don't want to. Although Hearst always looks indifferent, he is really good at showing off his love for you. In this respect, Noah was not as good as him. Humph! But Noah knew better than Hearst about chasing women. Why did this happen? It only proves that Noah is not as sincere as Hearst when he is with me."

Hearing her words, Noah said, "I didn't, honey. Honey, I love you so much."

"Really?" Jessica said suspiciously, "I think you are just worried that you can't sleep in the room at night when I'm angry with you, right?"

Noah covered his mouth in surprise. Knowing that Jessica had seen though his lies, Noah said, "How do you know? In order to lead a peaceful life in the family, I should really show you my loyalty and love." While saying, Noah blew her a kiss and made a gesture in the shape of a heart. Seeing this, Jessica stepped on him directly.

Seeing them joking with each other, Heidy and Hearst also had a smile on their faces. Every couple got along with each other in a different way. Everyone liked to envy others for their happy marriage. But most of them didn't know that in other people's eyes, their marriage was also the best.

There was another important reason for the party today. Because today was the birthday of Heidy. Today, everyone gathered together to celebrate it. Hearst wanted to invite all his friends to have a birthday party, but was refused by Heidy. She just wanted to celebrate her first birthday with her important families after regaining her memory, which was enough for her.

After the chat, Hearst and Noah cooked in the kitchen and prepare the lunch. While Heidy and Jessica were watching their children and chatting happily. After getting along with each other these days, Heidy felt happy. Even though Gavin hadn't forgiven her, at l

ou." Heidy thought she was so stupid that she didn't know what to say to describe her good mood. When she was about to cry, Heidy raised her hand to hold back her tears.

"Heidy, what is your wish?" Jessica asked curiously.

Looking at Gavin, Heidy said with a smile, "My wish is that Gavin could forgive me one day."

Hearing this, everyone's eyes were fixed on Gavin. Looking at everyone's sight, Gavin was stunned for a few seconds. He then turned around and said lightly, "Boring." He walked towards the backyard.

Seeing this, Heidy couldn't help lowering her eyes and felt a little disappointed. At this moment, the corner of her clothes was pulled by someone a few times. Heidy raised her head and saw Elsa coming to her. Raising her head to look at Heidy, with an innocent smile on her face, Elsa said, "Mommy, Gavin will like you again."

Heidy squatted down, opened her arms and hugged Elsa. She smiled happily and said, "Thank you, Elsa."

"Elsa likes Mommy. I know Mommy will love me. You won't scare me like before, will you?" Elsa asked, her eyes shining.

Tears quietly flowed down Heidy's cheeks. Touching her face gently, Heidy said with a lump in her throat, "Well, it won't happen again. Elsa, I love you, and I love my brother too."

With a bright smile on her face, Elsa happily hugged Heidy back.

Outside the gate, Gavin stood there quietly. In fact, he didn't leave. There was something in his pocket, which was the birthday gift he prepared for Heidy more than a year ago. However, this gift had not been sent out after such a long time.

It was not that Gavin didn't want to forgive Heidy, but that he didn't know how to. He was afraid that he would be abandoned again in the future. If so, he would rather not accept the fact that Heidy had come back. Children were more fragile and sensitive than they imagined.

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