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   Chapter 412 Sadness

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Heidy always felt that there was no eternal contradiction in the world. The point was whether they were willing to take time to solve it. For the cold attitude and rejection of Gavin to her, Heidy kept reminding herself to face it with an optimistic attitude.

Since returning to her original position, Heidy had been working hard. In all aspects, she hoped that she could do the best. Since she took over the company again, she had the obligation to help the company to achieve a better development.

On this day, on behalf of the company, Heidy went to discuss a project. After a whole morning's fierce discussion, the project was finally concluded. In the elevator, Heidy leaned against the wall and said with a smile, "After a year, I still think it's not easy to manage a company."

Hearing her words, Warren smiled and said, "That's true, but you are doing great, boss. I find that you are stronger and more persuasive in negotiation than you were a year ago."

Hearing his praise, Heidy smiled and said, "Maybe it's because of the training in the sales department. Working in the sales department was the most stressful thing. In order to improve the sales, they had to spend more time and energy persuading customers. Otherwise, they could earn a little from commission, and they would be fired for poor performance in work. However, it's good to have such pressure, which can urge yourself to learn quickly."

Nodding approvingly, Warren said, "So the president becomes stronger under such pressure. It's also a good thing for the company."

While they were talking, the two walked out of the elevator. When she just came to the stairs, she met a person unexpectedly. At the sight of her, a look of surprise flashed across Heidy's face, and then she quickly regained her polite smile. "Miss Andy."

Andy didn't expect to meet her here. With a smile on her face, she said, "Mrs. Heidy, what a coincidence to meet you here. We've met before. Just call me Andy."

Heidy nodded and was about to leave, but she was stopped by Andy, "Do you have time now, Mrs. Heidy? Would you like to have a cup of coffee?"

Turning around, Heidy looked at her calmly, trying to figure out what she was thinking. There was always a faint smile on Andy's face, so she could not see anything strange. After a moment's silence, Heidy smiled, "Okay."

In the cafe, Heidy and Andy sat opposite each other. Andy looked at Heidy up and down and said calmly, "Mrs. Heidy, you are quite a character than I thought."

Hearing this, Heidy raised her eyebrows, "Really?"

Nodding his head, Andy explained, "Yes, you are. I haven't known Hearst for a long time, but I think he is a cold man. I think if you can stand his indifference, your personality should be identical with his. It turns out that my imagination is somewhat different from the reality."

Taking a sip of coffee elegantly, Heidy sm

old, we can enjoy the flowers in the yard everyday. It would be romantic." Said Heidy expectantly.

Hearst replied in a low voice, "Okay. But you go back to your room first. It's a little hot today. I'll deal with the rest of the work soon."

Taking up the kettle, Heidy winked playfully and said with a smile, "Then I'll do it with you. This garden is not only yours, but also mine. If we do it together, it will be more efficient." Then, Heidy picked up the kettle and began to water the flowers.

Seeing this, Hearst lowered his head and continued with his work, eyes full of affection. Heidy watered the flowers carefully and occasionally peeped at Hearst. It was said that men who were working were the most charming, but Heidy felt that whatever Hears did, he had a special fascination for her.

Thinking of Andy, Heidy felt lucky. If she hadn't met Hearst earlier, Hearst might have become someone else's man now, creating surprise and romance for others. Thinking of this, she felt very lucky. It must be a wonderful happiness to meet the right person at the right time.

Not far away, Gavin stood there for a long time. Looking at the harmonious and beautiful scene not far away, his heart was filled with complex emotions. Seeing that Heidy came back, there was finally a smile on Hearst's face again. Gavin was happy about that.

But in another way, Gavin felt that he was not important at all in the heart of Heidy. In his opinion, the only person that Heidy really cared about was Hearst. She didn't care about her previous promises at all. She could leave as she liked without thinking about his feelings. Thinking of this, Gavin felt sad again.

Standing there for a long time, Gavin finally turned around and left slowly, looking lonely.

Heidy raised her head and saw the back of Gavin by accident. She was in a daze. Heidy sighed softly. She didn't know when she could be close with Gavin again.

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