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   Chapter 411 I Don't Want To Be Hard With You

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In a panic, Heidy left the kindergarten in a hurry. She didn't even inform Hearst. Arriving at the rooftop of the company, Heidy stood at the edge of the handrail, feeling the burning sun above her head.

Thinking of Gavin's rejection of her, she couldn't help but shed tears. She had never expected that her relationship with Gavin would become so bad. In the past, she didn't understand why Hearst could forgive and accept her, but Gavin couldn't. Now she finally understood that Gavin was just a child. Her leaving was undoubtedly a heavy blow for the children, just like those children from single parent families.

The more she thought about it, the more stupid she felt that she had believed in Marcus's words and caused such a series of injuries and mistakes. The more she thought about it, the more guilty and sorry she felt.

The sun shone on her body fiercely, bringing her a burning feeling. But only in this way could she feel better. The pain in her body was far less than that in her heart.

When Cathy came to the top floor, she saw Heidy. She walked up to her curiously and asked, "Heidy, why are you crying here?"

Hearing someone coming, Heidy wiped her tears and said calmly, "Nothing. Are you still working in the company?"

"I'm here to resign today. Heidy, thank you for taking care of me. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been like this. Heidy, you can tell me what happened. Don't keep it to yourself, or you will get sick." Said Cathy with a smile.

Looking at her innocent and simple smile, Heidy didn't answer. She smiled and said, "Cathy, you have lived in A city for more than a year, but you didn't change that much. In fact, it's not easy to follow your heart when you live in a bustling city."

Scratching her head, Cathy said shyly, "I'm okay. James said that he didn't want me to change, and he likes the real me."

"Well," replied Heidy calmly, "Maybe that's why he likes you. You are different from

d, "Don't worry. I will solve it."

Rubbing her nose, Hearst reminded her, "Since you know that, don't leave rashly next time. And don't refuse to come back for dinner for no reason. Although Gavin didn't say anything, I can see that he was a little disappointed when he saw that you didn't come back for dinner tonight. Although Gavin is cold on the surface, he is as soft-hearted as me."

Heidy chuckled and joked, "But I don't think you are cold."

"I will be like that only because I love you." Hearst said dotingly, "I can't be so hard on you."

Lowering her head and raising her eyebrows, Heidy said, "Oh? Can't you be hard?"

Looking at her eyes, Hearst smiled. Then he turned over and pressed her under his body. With a smile on his face, Hearst said, "I'm cold on the surface, but some part of my body is burning with fire when I touch you." Hearst lowered his head and kissed her on the lips.

Seeing this, Heidy said coquettishly, "Wait, I haven't taken a shower yet."

"Okay, let's take a shower together." Said Hearst in a hoarse voice.

"You've already taken a shower." Said Heidy with an awkward smile.

Then he lifted her up and walked to the bathroom. He replied calmly, "I don't mind taking another one."

Then the bathroom door slammed, preventing all the sounds.

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