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   Chapter 408 It Depends

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Heidy thought that Hearst would not deal with Andy's mother for the time being. In fact, Hearst had changed his way of handling it.

In just a few days, people in A city spread that Andy's mother had a strange disease. People would get sick if they were around her. At first, people didn't believe it, but as the rumors spread, some women from rich families believed it. Therefore, Andy's mother was immediately isolated and no one was willing to approach her for fear of being infected by her.

Andy's mother was keen on playing mahjong, but because of this matter, she could only stay at home and feel bored. She wanted to go to the hospital to have a check-up to prove that she was fine, but she was refused by the numerous hospitals. After hearing her name, no hospital was willing to treat her. In this case, the rumors that her disease was getting worse spread wildly.

In the president's office of the Hua Group, when Hearst and Heidy were discussing about what to eat for lunch, Warren came in and said, "President, Mrs. Xia and Miss Andy are outside and they want to see you."

Hearing this, Heidy naturally knew who it was. She raised her eyebrows and said, "It seems that your revenge have made her suffer a lot."

"Of course, since I know her weakness." Said Hearst lightly.

Looking at their expressions, Warren asked curiously, "Boss, do you want to see them?"

"Send them in." Heidy and Hearst answered in one voice, and then the two smiled at each other. It was wonderful that they could have the same idea.

After a while, accompanied by Andy, her mother came to the office with a nervous mood. Looking at the cold expression on Heidy's face, Andy's mother heart jolted. This was the first time she had really met Heidy. And Heidy was a little different from the silly and naive girl she had imagined.

Andy walked up to them and sai

, not only Hearst, I won't let her go easily. Although I am a woman, I have means."

With a smile on her lips, Andy nodded and said, "I know. Thank you, Mrs. Heidy. I also wish Mrs. Heidy can lead a happy life with Hearst. Then I'll take my mother away from here. Excuse me." Then Andy helped her mother out of the office.

Watching them leave, Heidy joked, "Andy is a special woman. It's a pity that you don't like her."

"Yes, she is a moral woman. After knowing that you were still alive, she didn't make a move to me anymore. Such a woman was rare in this society. But I've already had you, and I can't have any other woman in my heart." Said Hearst.

"Well," said Heidy with a smile, "I'm luckier than her. Because I met you earlier than she did and win your heart. Otherwise, it's hard to say who is your girlfriend now."

"There is no if or assumption when it comes love." Said Hearst lightly.

After the smile, Heidy said worriedly, "I wonder when Gavin will accept me."

Patting her hand, Hearst comforted her, "Don't put too much pressure on yourself. Let nature take its course. He will understand you one day. Sooner or later, he will love you again."

Heidy forced a smile, but there was still worry in her eyes.

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