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   Chapter 407 Broken Family Bond

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In the CEO's office, Heidy and Hearst sat side by side. It never occurred to Heidy that she would tell the truth to Hearst so soon. Thinking that she was tricked by him, she felt extremely distressed. What worried her more was what Marcus had said.

Noticing that she kept frowning, Hearst asked in a low voice, "What's wrong? What are you thinking about? If I guess it right, you must be worried about the hypnosis thing mentioned by Marcus."

At this point, Heidy knew there was no need to hide it. Thinking of this, Heidy nodded and explained, "Yes, I'm worried about it. Hearst, I'm really worried. If what Marcus said is true, what if I hurt you then? For the sake of safety, we'd better keep a distance from each other these days. Only in this way can I ensure your safety."

It was hard for Heidy to separate with him these days. But even if she was sad, she had toughened up. Therefore, she didn't want all her efforts these days to be in vain. Therefore, she still hoped that she could leave Hearst. At least, they had to wait for the deadline.

Looking at her expression, Hearst felt sorry for her. After knowing the truth, he knew that it must be very uncomfortable for Heidy to be apart from him on purpose these days. It was not an easy thing to be indifferent to someone you loved deeply.

With his hand on her head, Hearst smiled, "Heidy, I always think you are smart. Why are you so stupid now? Do you really believe that there is such a magical thing in the world? In the past few months, you have been looking for a solution everywhere. You should know something about it."

Nodding, Heidy said, "Yes, I have asked many hypnotists, but they don't know how to deal with it. In fact, I also doubt whether Marcus lied to me, but I can't take the risk. So I thought I would know the answer after the first half year."

Hearing her answer, Hearst felt warm in his heart. He knew that he meant a lot to her. With a smile on his lips, Hearst said, "I'm sure that Marcus was lying to you."

Confused, Heidy looked at him and asked curiously, "Why are you so sure?"

Holding her hands, ten fingers interlocked, Hearst recalled, "Because my subordinate said that Marcus had said something before he died. He said that he didn't expect you to love me so deeply. I think he knew that you would leave me in order not to hurt me. Maybe he thought of this method, but he was not one hundred percent sure about it. And your love for me is the key."

Hearing his explanation, Heidy thought carefully, "So, there is no half a year deadline for hypnosis at all. What he did is to take advantage of my feelings for you."

"Well, that's his goal. He underestimated your feelings for me and also underestima

will get along well with you."

With tearful eyes, Heidy looked at Hearst and sobbed, "Do you think Gavin and Elsa can forgive me? Hearst, you told me that I was so bad to them before. Has it caused a bad influence on them?"

Pinching her cheek, Hearst said with a smile, "No, it won't. Although they are young, they are not as fragile as you think. They will accept you again soon. By then, the four of us will live happily together again. By that time, no one can separate us."

Without saying anything, Heidy looked at Hearst's firm eyes. After a moment's silence, Heidy wiped her tears and said, "Well, I also hope that day can come as soon as possible."

Hearst took her hand, touched her nose and said, "Well, don't cry. If you keep crying like this, your eyes will swollen like a walnut."

With a burst of laughter, Heidy turned tears into smiles, and then said, "Then will you still love me if I was ugly?"

Holding her slender waist, Hearst said in a low voice, "Heidy, you are very beautiful, but there are still people who are more beautiful than you. However, there was only one Heidy. It was normal for people to get old. The only thing that doesn't change is that you are still the Heidy I love. I love you. It has something to do with your appearance, but it is not just about it."

Hearing his explanation, the depression in Heidy's heart was swept away. Hearst was always like this, which could easily make her happy. Looking at him, Heidy smiled and said, "Well, I like it."

"Let's go for a walk. See if you still remember our home." As Hearst spoke, he held Heidy's hand and walked forward.

Looking at the back of his head, Heidy smiled. She didn't tell him that she remembered everything at home no matter how long she had left. Because this was her only home in the world.

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