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   Chapter 399 Pester Others Shamelessly

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 6334

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In the company, as usual, Heidy came to work. Since she was in this position, of course, she hoped that she could do everything well. No matter what would happen in the future, for her, the experience during this period of time would be a fortune.

As soon as she entered the office, she saw some colleagues discussing. 80% of the staff in the sales department were women. Women liked gossip, so she could hear it every day. But today, they were talking about...

When a female colleague saw Heidy, she immediately raised her voice and said with jealousy, "Mr. Hearst's relationship has been exposed. Some people's dreams are about to fall apart."

Hearing this, Heidy frowned, but soon returned to normal and sat down calmly. But the female colleague didn't seem to want to let her go. The female colleague came to her and mocked, "Someone just overestimate herself. No matter how hard she tries, she still can't be with Mr. Hearst."

As if Heidy hadn't heard what the colleague said, she turned on the computer calmly. She leaned there with her hands crossed in front of her, as if she hadn't heard it. Seeing this, the female colleague became more arrogant and called out her name, "Heidy, why do you look so sad today? I don't think it's good to be abandoned? I think Mr. Hearst just wants to play with you. Since he gets tired of you, he just kick you away."

As soon as the female colleague finished her words, other colleagues snickered. In the past few days, the supervisor had taken good care of Heidy, which made her colleagues very dissatisfied with Heidy. Now that they finally found this opportunity, they would not miss it.

"I have reminded you, Heidy. It's not appropriate for you to be with Mr. Hearst. Now, do you hear that?" Judy said with a smile.

Hearing their endless criticism, Heidy finally stood up and looked at her female colleague. With a cold expression on

hing either. The two of them were in a stalemate. As time went by, Heidy finally walked past him.

"Stop!" Hearst shouted and asked in a hoarse voice, "Do you really hate me so much?"

She stopped and thought of the time when he said he loved her that night. But the next second, he could talk and laugh with others. Thinking of this, Heidy bit her lips and said ruthlessly, "Yes, I hate you. Hearst, I have nothing to do with you. That Heidy who loves you is dead, and you are just a stranger to me."

With these words, Heidy left the company angrily. Hearst didn't say anything. He just stood there for a long time and kept thinking about what Heidy had said to him.

In the office of the J.Y Group, Hearst sat on the sofa with his arms crossed over his chest, expressionless and silent. Looking at his expression, Noah asked curiously, "Hearst, did Heidy irritate you again?"

"Don't mention her." Hearst said angrily, "I thought she had feelings for me, but I didn't expect that in her eyes, I was just a stranger."

Hearing his words, Noah, who knew the truth, could only sigh slightly. He couldn't tell Hearst the truth, so Hearst could only continue to misunderstand Heidy. "In fact, if you can let it go, maybe it's a good way out." Noah said.

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