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   Chapter 392 You Have Remembered Your Past, Haven't You

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The atmosphere was ambiguous. Hearst patiently waited for her answer. His fingertips touched her lips gently, with an obvious flirtatious smile. Seeing this, Heidy held his hand and said, "Don't go too far, Hearst."

"You are the one who goes too far. You know you are the only one who can touch me, but you still cause my physiological reaction." Said Hearst in a hoarse voice. Their bodies moved forward, and they clung to each other again. The strong pain was directly transmitted to Heidy, and the heat on her face deepened again.

Taking a deep breath, Heidy quickly adjusted her mood and said coldly, "Really? Maybe there is someone who can flirt with you, but you just because don't want to tell me."

Looking at her surprised look, Hearst asked, "Who is it?"

Looking into his eyes, Heidy's chest heaved and said discontentedly, "You know clearly who I mean."

"I don't know." Hearst said, "Heidy, for so many years, I've only loved you. Except you, other woman means nothing to me."

Thinking of what Judy had said, the scene that Hearst and that woman were walking side by side appeared in her mind. In a sullen voice, Heidy said, "Hearst, you don't have to pretend to be innocent in front of me. I know that no man can always stay with one woman. Especially that woman, she doesn't love you in her heart."

Confused, Hearst looked at her and said seriously, "Even if you don't love me now, as long as I believe that you will love me in the future, these are enough for me to hold on. Heidy, you can forget your feelings for me, but that doesn't mean I can move on."

As for Hearst, once he fell in love with someone, there was no reason for him to let it go. Especially for him, the importance of Heidy was far beyond his imagination. Loving her had become a inseparable part of his life. It was as natural as breathing.

Hearing his words, Heidy was willing to believe him, but there was a devil in her heart saying that maybe he was just saying some sweet words. Not wanting to explain, Heidy said calmly, "Really? You know better than anyone else whether you think so or not." With these words, Heidy took his hand away and staggered forward.

When he came to his senses, Hearst immediately caught up with her. He grabbed her wrist and said in a low voice, "You can't even walk steadily after drinking so much. Let me send you back."

Getting rid of his hand, Heidy looked back at him and sneered, "Hearst, mind your own business. Why do you want to get involved in everything? Let me tell you, it's none of your business."

"You are my wife. I will take care of your business. Even if you don't admit it, you can't change the fact that you are my wife." Hearst frowned and said with certainty.

Hearing his words, Heidy squinted slightly. She turned to look at him, poked his chest with her finger, and said in a mocking tone, "Hearst, you said I'm yo

arms over her knees and focused on looking ahead. Her finger fell on her lips, where she seemed to feel the hot kiss just now. Thinking of this, she lowered her eyes. She had been repressing her feelings for Hearst these days. That kind of depression was also painful.

Just as she was immersed in pain, a low voice suddenly came from above her head. "Heidy, why are you here?" Kevin came over in confusion.

At the sight of him, Heidy was stunned for a few seconds, and then smiled, "Well, I'm here to get some fresh air."

Looking at her expression, Kevin came to her. He sat down beside her and said with a smile, "Do you have something on your mind? Hearst is also inside."

"I know. I just met him." Heidy said indifferently, "I also know that he is not here alone."

Hearing this, Kevin raised his eyebrows and asked, "So you are unhappy because of that?"

With a smile, Heidy pretended to be calm and said, "You think too much. I just drank too much and want to be outside for a minute. Stop talking about me, Kevin. Why are you here?"

Astonishment flashed through Kevin's eyes when he heard what she called him. Looking into her eyes, Kevin asked abruptly, "When did you regain your memory?"

Hearing this, Heidy stiffened in an instant. She slowly turned around and looked at the man beside her in disbelief. Seeing the calmness on his face, Heidy was stunned, "What... I don't understand what you are talking about."

"Stop pretending. You just exposed yourself. You have been calling me Mr. Shen since you lost your memory. But you just blurted out my name. You wouldn't call me that if you didn't remember who I am. So Heidy, you have remembered your past, haven't you?" Explained Kevin with a smile.

Looking at his expression, Heidy's heart fluctuated. She didn't expect that Kevin could be so observant. Taking a deep breath, Heidy finally opened her mouth, "Yes, I have remembered it..."

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