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   Chapter 390 It's Your Loss That You Don't Love Me

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Shocked, Heidy looked at Hearst who suddenly opened his eyes. Her heart was beating fast because of panic. Soon she regained her composure and struggled unhappily, "Let go of me."

Hearst looked at her and found that most of his drunkenness had disappeared. Seeing that he was only wearing his underwear, Hearst smiled and said, "Do you want to molest me?"

The corners of her mouth twitched, and Heidy immediately said, "You think too much. How can I want to molest you. You smell like alcohol and your clothes are so smelly, so I took them off and washed them for you."

"Then why did you kiss me?" Hearst continued to ask.

A sudden heat rose on her face. With a red face, Heidy said loudly, "So what if I kiss you? You have taken so much advantage of me. I just get back at you."

Hearing her words, the smile in Hearst's eyes deepened. Staring at her eyes, he said, "In fact, you don't hate me so much, or you won't kiss me. Heidy, tell me the truth. Do you have any difficulties? If you tell me, we can solve it together."

Shaking off his hand, Heidy stood up and said coldly, "What are you talking about, Hearst? Who said I have difficulties? Nowadays, one night stand is normal, let alone just a kiss. Let me tell you, don't think that I have any feelings for you just because I kiss you. I hate you and will never like you. Now that you're awake, get out of my house."

Then, without waiting for Hearst's answer, Heidy went straight to her bedroom. Looking at her back, Hearst was confused. His finger pulp fell on his lips, where he could still feel her warmth. Recalling the kiss just now, he still remembered that her lips had stayed on his for more than ten seconds. There must have been something between them. He felt that things were not that simple.

However, since the people involved in this matter were no longer alive, it was impossible to investigate. Looking at the direction of Heidy, Hearst said in a low voice, "Maybe there is really something I don't know."

Then he stood up and walked towards the bedroom with his underwear. He knocked on the door and saw that Heidy was unwilling to open it. Then Hearst stood there and said, "You've washed off all my clothes. I'll stay here tonight."

Then, he turned around and was about to go back to the living room when the door opened. Then, the quilt was thrown towards him and he caught it. "Cover yourself with it. If you die here, others will say I'm murdering you." As soon as Heidy finished her words, she closed the door.

Looking at the slamming door and the quilt in his hand, Hearst smiled. 'It seems that Heidy is not really ruthless to me.' Hearst thought to himself.

In the bedroom, Heidy sat there remorsefully. Thinking of her series of reactions, she slapped herself on the face and said, "Damn it. I really shouldn't have done that. I should be ruthless so that I can push him away."

She grabbed her hair regretfully, but it was too

ally something. She just came to the company, but she had slept with Mr. Hearst."

Heidy was not stupid. Although the woman didn't name her, she knew that the woman colleague referred to her. With a calm expression as if she hadn't heard what he said, Heidy sat down in her seat.

When she was about to open the document, the female colleague directly pressed her hand on the document. Raising her head, Heidy looked at her coldly, "What's the matter?"

"Don't think you can do anything with the protection of Mr. Hearst. You are just a little beautiful. What else? A woman who would only rely on selling her body was the most shameless. Slut like you is the reason why we have a bad reputation in this industry." The female colleague said sourly.

Heidy looked at her calmly and said, "I don't want to explain anything to you. And I don't need to report you the relationship between me and Hearst. Get out of my way. Don't disturb my work."

"You! You are just a newcomer. You don't take me seriously. I have worked here for three years, and I am your senior." The female colleague said in a sharp voice.

Looking at the document in her hand, Heidy stood up and looked at her with a smile, "Oh, it's you. But since the manager was fired, why couldn't you fill his position this time? It seems that no matter how long you have been in the company, you are still not good enough."

"You!" Staring at her, the female colleague was very angry.

"Well, that's enough. We will be in trouble if the director comes later." Another colleague came over and tried to pull her away.

Looking at the angry female colleague, Heidy smiled at them, turned around and left with the document. She knew that it was easy to cause trouble if she had a rumor with the leaders in the company. Especially men like Hearst. But she was not a rookie in the workplace and she was not a woman to be trifle with. When it was time to fight back, she won't show mercy at all.

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