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   Chapter 389 Being Caught While Kissing

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In the bar, Hearst sat there expressionlessly, drinking wine. "Top it up for me." Hearst ordered the waiter in a low voice.

Noah immediately stopped him and said worriedly, "Hearst, don't drink any more. Your body can't bear it."

Looking at the glass, Hearst said in a hoarse voice, "I don't know what else I can do except drinking. Elsa was still waiting for Heidy at home. She said she wanted to dance for her mother. However, Heidy refused to go back. Why is she so cruel? Elsa is her daughter. Why doesn't she want to fulfill her simple wish?"

Hearing his words, Noah knew the truth with a heavy heart. He knew why Heidy did this, but he couldn't tell Hearst. "Maybe she has her own difficulties in doing so." Noah could only say that.

"Difficult? Ha-ha..." With a sad smile on his face, Hearst said, "Doesn't she know how disappointed Elsa will be? I don't dare to go back to see her. I don't want to see Elsa sad. Noah, in my heart, Heidy has always been a good woman. Why did she change so much just because she lost her memory. We used to love each other deeply. Is it so difficult to fall in love again?"

Noah patted him on the shoulder and said earnestly, "Something may not be as simple as you think. Just as I said, Heidy might have her own difficulties. Or Hearst, if you can let her go..."

"If I could, I wouldn't drink here now. I seldom wanted to get drunk in my life, but I did that for her for several times." Then Hearst continued, "Even if she doesn't love me, I can't let her go."

While they were talking, the waiter served them wine. When Hearst was about to pick it up, Noah stopped him and said, "Your health condition doesn't allow you to drink so much. After the last two operations, you are not as healthy as before. Do you still want to lie in the hospital?"

Noah looked at him angrily. In his eyes, Hearst was not the kind of man who liked to get drunk. "Do you think she will be sad for me if I really die from excessive drinking?" Hearst asked abruptly.

"If you die, she must suffer more than you think." Noah said firmly. For Hearst's sake, Heidy could deliberately alienate him and make him hate her. Such a woman must also be deeply in love with Hearst.

With a faint smile on his lips, Hearst said softly, "It's good after getting drunk. But don't worry. I won't let myself drink that much. I need to take care of the child. Now Heidy doesn't care about the child. I will never allow myself to break down. They are the children of Heidy and me. I will take good care of them."

Then, Hearst removed Noah's hand and continued to drink. He was a man of sense and knew how to control his emotions. Noah sighed slightly and took a big sip of the wine. "The relationship between you and Heidy is really a big problem."

Hearst didn't answer, but stared ahead in a daze. He vaguely saw the figure of Heidy. With a faint smile on his lips, Hear

d because of those words? Sorry, I have to do that. Don't blame me. I have to ensure your safety before I think about other things."

Finally, she helped him take off his shirt and suit pants. When Heidy was about to take them to the washing machine, his wallet fell down. Heidy picked up the wallet and was about to put it away, but she accidentally saw the photo inside.

A photo was neatly placed in his wallet. In the photo, Heidy and Hearst were leaning against each other with bright smiles on their faces. They took the selfie in the past with their mobile phones, but she didn't expect that Hearst would print out the photos and put them in his wallet.

It was said that if you could put one's photos in your wallet, it was because that that person was your beloved. For this, Heidy had never doubted the sincerity of Hearst. Putting the wallet on the tea table, Heidy knelt down and looked at Hearst, who was still sleeping.

While he was asleep, Heidy hesitated and raised her hand, carefully landing it on his cheek. Her fingers gently stroked his face, which had been engraved in her memory, so clear. With a smile on her face, Heidy said bitterly, "When will it become a luxury to look at you like this?"

With her finger pulp on his lips, Heidy looked at his thin lips and was reluctant to move them away. Rubbing his soft lips gently, something flashed in Heidy's eyes. Sometimes, she hoped that Hearst could be a little more heartless. But she found that his affection made her heart ache.

Leaning forward, Heidy lowered her head and kissed him on the lips. Her relatively cold lips fell on his warm lips, and she was reluctant to move them away. Slowly opening her eyes, Heidy met Hearst's eyes in shock.

Her mind went blank in an instant, and she widened her eyes in astonishment. The next second, she left his lips as fast as lightning. She wanted to escape, but Hearst grabbed her wrist quickly...

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