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   Chapter 388 Poor Request

Head Over Heels By Chang Du Characters: 9439

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In the familiar cafe, Heidy walked inside with a smile. Looking at the familiar figure sitting on the seat, Heidy walked forward briskly. Coming to her, Heidy smiled and said, "Jessica."

Hearing the voice, Jessica raised her head happily. She gave Heidy a big hug enthusiastically and said excitedly, "Heidy, you bad girl, you're finally back. I miss you so much."

Holding her in her arms, Heidy said with a warm smile, "I miss you too. Look, I'm not coming back. Besides, I won't leave in the future. We still have a lot of time to hang out."

Looking at her up and down, Jessica patted her on the face and said with a smile, "Heidy, I find that you are more and more beautiful. We are at the same age, but why do you think you are younger than me?"

Burying her cheek in her hands, Heidy blinked her eyes playfully. With a shy look, she said, "Because I'm born like that."

Pretending to dislike her, Jessica pinched her on the face and said, "Wow, you are so shameless. Although you are beautiful since you were a child. Fortunately, I'm also beautiful and generous enough and wasn't overshadowed by your good-looking. That is why I can find such a handsome husband and have a great son. I hope that my Ben can marry Elsa and she could be my daughter-in-law in the future. At that time, I'm the winner in my life."

Heidy chuckled and joked, "You are awesome, Jessica. But I'm really happy to see you chatting with me so happily. You have finally recovered completely."

Jessica nodded and said with a smile, "Yes, the doctor said that the reason why I was depressed was that my family ignored me. Later, they paid more attention to me and made me feel that even if I gave birth to the baby, I was still their treasure, the person who loved them the most. With the treatment and medicine, I fully recovered now."

When Heidy left, she was worried about Jessica. Now seeing that she was fine, Heidy felt relieved. Even if she was not happy, it was a good thing that her best friend could gain happiness. "Well, that's good. Don't think too much in the future. No matter what happens, you will always be our favorite, Jessica." Said Heidy sincerely.

Holding her hand tightly, Jessica replied with a smile, "Yes, I know. I won't think too much in the future. I'm living a happy life. I'm satisfied now. By the way, Heidy, how have you been these months? Have you got the solution of that hypnosis?"

Sitting down, Heidy sighed softly and told Jessica everything that had happened. Lowering her eyes, Heidy said softly, "It's easy to leave, but it's difficult to stop missing him. Now I still have to hold on for three months, but for me, three months is also very long. I hope I can prove that Marcus had lied to me."

Holding her hand tightly, Jessica comforted her, "Let's look at the silver lining of thi

p forward. Restraining her emotions, Heidy tried to calm herself down.

When the pain was over, Hearst looked at her and said with self-mockery, "I deserve it. I know you won't love me anymore, but I still want to see you. You still have that a glimmer of hope that you will love me as before sooner or later."

She turned her head away and didn't dare to look into his eyes. It was tiring to hide her emotions all the time. "I don't love you. I won't love you since I had lost my memory." Heidy said coldly, "don't expect me to regain my memory. So many attempts are useless. How can I think of the past?"

Hearst raised his hand, trying to change her mind, but was dodged coldly by Heidy. Looking at his empty hand, Hearst said sadly, "Heidy, you are so heartless."

"Yes, I am heartless. Did you know it just now?" Said Heidy with a sneer.

Hearst glanced at her and didn't say anything. He turned around and walked forward lonely. When they passed by, Hearst's eyes moved, but in the end, he didn't look at her and walked dejectedly.

Seeing him walking past her, Heidy didn't look at him either. She just stared straight ahead. After Hearst walked forward, tears rolled down from her eyes and quietly flowed on her cheeks. All of a sudden, it hit her heart directly. She felt lucky that they were back to each other and he could not see her tears.

Heidy didn't raise her hand to wipe her tears, fearing that Hearst would find out something. It was not until she heard the whistle behind her that she turned around slowly. Tears streamed down her beautiful face. Staring at the direction he left, Heidy seemed to lose her strength and slowly crouched on the ground.

Tears rolled down on the ground. She covered her face with her hands and cried silently. It seemed that the surrounding had nothing to do with her. She was immersed in her own world, silently sad.

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