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   Chapter 386 Even If I Want To Seduce Her

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 9928

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In the meeting room of the J.Y Group, Hearst calmly discussed the following cooperation matters with his partners. The partner he saw today had a long-term cooperation with the J.Y Group, and the two companies had a good relationship. In any industry, it was necessary to have a mutually beneficial partner.

After more than an hour's discussion, the problems encountered in the cooperation were finally solved. Mr. Huang said with a big smile, "Hearst, our cooperation with your company over the years has really brought a lot of benefits to our company. I'm looking forward to cooperating with your company in the future. Of course, we will also give you the most favorable treatment."

With a faint smile on his lips, Hearst said politely, "Of course. Only win-win can our business last long. Our company's goal is not only to create a good profit for our company, but also to bring the biggest profit to the companies that choose to cooperate with us. In doing business, I don't care much about the immediate interests, but pay more attention to long-term development."

Mr. Huang gave him a thumbs up and said with a smile, "Hearst, you are a shrewd businessman and quite a good friend. I believe that we will have a good cooperation. Then I wish we can have a better future together."

Hearst shook hands with him to show his sincerity. "Of course." ...

After talking about the business, Mr. Huang said enthusiastically, "Hearst, in order to show our friendly cooperation, I want to invite you to our house. Would you like to come?"

Hearing this, Hearst politely refused, "Thank you. But I'm afraid it's not appropriate. I have two kids at home. I'm busy with my work during the day, so I could only try my best to spare some time to accompany them at night. Otherwise, they will be angry with me. Then I will have a hard time."

With a bright smile, Mr. Huang joked, "I didn't expect that such a successful businessman like you would be afraid of your children. It seems that you are not only good at business, but also a great dad at home."

Hearst replied lightly, "They are my children. Since they were born, I have to take good care of them. This is my obligation."

Hearing his answer, Mr. Huang nodded approvingly, looked at him and said, "Hearst, your wife passed away almost a year ago. I wonder if you have any plans to have a new relationship again, Hearst? As for men, you are still young. You can't just live alone now. Sometimes, you need to vent your desire."

Frowning, Hearst replied calmly, "Heidy is not dead. She was just in a bad mood and went out for a walk. I think she will be back soon."

Looking at his expression, Mr. Huang smiled awkwardly and said, "I see. A few months ago, I heard that Mrs. Heidy appeared again, but few people have seen her, so everyone said that Mrs. Heidy has already... Hearst, to be honest, you should have a woman at home. A man is tired from his work. He needs a woman to keep him company when

ering her head, Heidy looked at the situation in front of her angrily. "Heidy, you are fired. You dare beat me? All your wages during your internship will be confiscated. You, take her away."

When Heidy was about to refute, Hearst's voice was heard. "What happened?"

The manager looked at the person and said flatteringly, "Mr. Hearst, why are you here? Here is the thing. We just recruited an intern sales lady. She is not good at work and has a bad temper. And she even beat me. So she is fired now."

Without saying anything, Hearst turned to look at Heidy. Seeing that her hair was a little messy, he frowned and asked, "What happened?"

"Your good employee wanted to have sex with me, but I beat him. That's it." Said Heidy angrily.

Hearing this, Hearst looked at the manager coldly and squinted, "Really?"

The manager hurriedly said, "Mr. Hearst, don't listen to her. It's that woman who wants to pass the internship and seduce me to let me agree. I refused her for the sake of the interests of the company. I didn't expect her to hit me in the end."

Hearing his explanation, Hearst looked fierce, "You said she seduced you?"

"Yes, Mr. Hearst. Women nowadays really don't have self-respect. In order to get some money, she even sold her body. Fortunately, I follow the company's principle and won't be easily seduced." The manager said in a righteous tone. He thought that Hearst would be on his side. After all, he was the sales manager, while Heidy was just an intern.

Instead of answering directly, Hearst glanced at the manager coldly and then looked at Heidy, "Who do you think is more attractive to her, me or you?"

Not knowing why Hearst asked this question, the manager smiled and replied, "Of course it's you, boss."

With his hand on Heidy's cheek, Hearst looked into her eyes and said, "But even if I stand in front of her and want to seduce her, she doesn't want to look at me one more time. But you told me she wanted to seduce you?"

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