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   Chapter 381 Do Harm To You

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After leaving Hearst's villa, Heidy didn't leave A city directly. There were other things she needed to deal with. She came to the hospital again, but this was not the hospital where Hearst was. Walking forward with heavy steps, she had mix feeling.

She came to Jessica's room. It was in the morning and there was only Jessica in the room. After thinking for a while, Heidy opened the door and walked in gently. Hearing the noise, Jessica raised her head and saw Heidy. She smiled, "Heidy, you're here."

Recently, Heidy and Jessica had become estranged because Heidy had forgotten what happened in the past. Looking at her expression, Heidy felt a little uncomfortable. In the past, they were close friends. Thinking of this, Heidy's eyes turned red.

Looking at her change, Jessica was obviously confused and asked curiously, "Heidy, what's wrong with you? Your eyes are red. Are you uncomfortable?"

Without saying anything, Heidy just sat down on the edge of the bed. Looking at her pale face, Heidy raised her hand, gently stroked her face and said softly, "Idiot, how can you take care of yourself like this. In my eyes, you have always been innocent and kind. Nothing can affect your mood. You are so cheerful. How could you get depression?"

Hearing her words, Jessica opened her eyes in surprise and looked at her, "Heidy?"

Sighing slightly, Heidy apologized, "I'm sorry, Jessica. I've been too cold to you these days. I'm sorry that I didn't notice that there was something wrong with you after I lost my memory. If you get treatment earlier, you should recover as soon as possible. Jessica, I'm really sorry. You must think that I'm not a good friend."

Tears streamed down from her eyes. Jessica hugged Heidy excitedly and said happily, "Heidy, you remember what happened in the past, right? You are back, don't you? I know you will remember us. You won't forget us."

With her hand on her back, Heidy said apologetically, "Yes, I'm really sorry. I have forgotten you for such a long time. Jessica, promise me that you will receive the treatment, okay? Seeing you sick, I feel sadder than you."

Letting go of her, Jessica nodded and said, "Yes, I will. Do you know what, Heidy? I'm really sad that you so cold to me these days. In the past, no matter what happened, we could face it together. But this time, I can only be alone. I'm sorry, Heidy. I have said something hurtful to you before."

"It's all right. It's not your fault. It's my fault that I forgot you. Jessica, I really appreciate having you in my life. Ben is the child of you and Noah, the beautiful gift of your love. Even if you are angry, don't vent it on the child, okay? Noah loves the child because of you. Only when he loves y

ould only look at him from a distance, it was enough for her. At least, she could miss him in her heart.

She changed into casual clothes and wore a peaked cap, which lowered the brim of her hat to bury her face. She didn't want anyone to see her in the hospital. Arriving at the ward of the hospital, she didn't enter the room. Standing outside, through the transparent glass, she saw Hearst lying on the bed.

In the room, Hearst was lying on his side in the bed. His face was twisted together because of the pain. He didn't make any sound, but the silent pain made Heidy feel even more painful. Thinking that he wouldn't have been hurt if it weren't for her, Heidy felt guilty.

Putting her hand on the door, Heidy said in a low voice, "I'm really sorry."

No matter how reluctant she was, Heidy knew that this was not the place she could stay for a long time. She didn't want to be separated from Hearst forever, or she couldn't stand it. So the best way was to find a way to break the hypnosis as soon as possible. Only in this way could she return to Hearst at ease.

The nurse came to her side and asked curiously, "Are you here to visit Mr. Hearst? You can go in now."

Shaking her head, Heidy wanted to leave directly, but she couldn't help asking, "How is he?"

"Mr. Hearst is not in a good condition. His wound has been inflamed due to his emotion." The nurse answered honestly.

Hearing this, Heidy's heart ached. She knew that what she said that day still irritated him. But she had no other choice. Without saying anything, Heidy turned around, put her hand on the mask on her face, lowered her hat and left in a hurry. She was afraid that if she continued to stay here, she would rush in the ward.

The nurse looked at her back in confusion and shook her head before entering the ward.

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