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   Chapter 378 If Possible, I'd Rather Never Remember It

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 9260

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In the hospital, Jessica opened her eyes and looked at the mess in front of her, lost in thought for a moment. Rubbing her head in pain, she asked in confusion, "Why am I here?"

In a daze, Jessica thought of the scene before she fainted. She opened her eyes and asked, "Where is Ben?"

Noah came in from the outside and saw the panic on Jessica's face. He immediately walked up to her and asked, "Jessica, are you okay?"

Excitedly grabbing his arm, Jessica said in a trembling voice, "Noah, have you seen Ben? I had a dream just now. I seemed to lose my temper and then spanked Ben. He cried so loudly."

Thinking of the scene in her mind, Jessica was a little scared. Although she didn't like Ben very much, after all, it was her child. She would never do such a shameful thing as beating a child. But somehow, the scene in her mind was very clear.

Looking at her expression, Noah paused for a few seconds and said, "Ben is still at home. The doctor said he was a little scared and had prescribed medicine. He should be fine after taking it. Jessica, that's not a dream. It really happened to you."

With her eyes wide open in shock, Jessica's face turned pale. She stuttered, "Do you mean that I really beat Ben? It's impossible! It's impossible! I won't do that! I won't do that!" As she spoke, she became excited quickly.

Seeing her like this, Noah immediately hugged her and comforted her in a soft voice, "It's all right. Jessica, let's accept the treatment obediently, okay? Although you don't want to believe it, you are indeed sick. The doctor said that your condition is not very optimistic. If you don't receive treatment all the time, you are likely to do more extreme things."

Looking at the man in front of her, Jessica said stubbornly again, "No, I'm not sick. I just hit Ben by accident. I'm not sick. I don't need to receive treatment." Jessica once knew that depression was a mental disease, and she didn't believe that she had it.

Seeing that she was still struggling, Noah scolded, "Jessica, can you be more rational? This kind of disease is very serious. You must receive treatment. Otherwise, no one knows what crazy things you will do. If you hurt Ben by accident, you will blame yourself when you are sober. Listen to me and get the treatment, okay?"

"No, I won't. You only care about Ben! If so, I would rather end my life." Jessica shouted.

Before she finished speaking, Nora raised her hand and slapped on her face. With her eyes wide open, tears rolled down from Jessica's eyes. She looked at him in disbelief and asked, "You hit me? Noah, you hit me?"

A feeling of numbness came from his palm. Noah stared at Jessica, pinched her shoulder and scolded angrily, "Jessica, don't say that. I love Ben, because he is your

pt flowing out from his fingers. He was too painful to say a word. His face turned paler and paler, but he still looked at Heidy and asked, "Heidy, are you hypnotized? Or, is this what you want?"

Hearing the voice, Yvonne's eyes fell on Hearst again. Looking at the familiar face, Yvonne's eyes flashed with familiar images. The memories she had been looking for these days finally returned to her mind. But she didn't expect that she got it back in this way.

Yvonne walked towards Hearst. Before she could say anything, he closed his eyes and fainted. Seeing this, Yvonne quickly knelt down and held up Hearst. "Hearst, Hearst, wake up! Wake up! I didn't mean it. I really didn't mean it. I don't know why I did that."

Yvonne kept crying, tears rustling down. Vaguely, she heard someone say to her, "Kill Hearst and stab him. Then you can remember what happened in the past."

Holding him tightly, Yvonne sobbed, "I want to recall the past, but I don't want to use this method. Hearst, I'm sorry. I hurt you again. Hearst, wake up! Wake up. If I knew it was in this way, I would rather never regain my memory for the rest of my life!"

Tears kept falling, Yvonne... No, it should be Heidy, she never thought that Marcus would use such a despicable way to remind her of the past. She touched his face tremblingly and saw that his chest was still bleeding. She quickly covered the wound with her hand, trying to stop the blood from flowing, but it was completely useless. "What should I do, Hearst? You are still bleeding. I can't stop it..."

Trembling, Heidy picked up the phone and dialed the hospital with difficulty. Looking at the blood on her palm, Heidy burst into tears. Thinking of the scene at the wedding, she was scared. "Why do you do this to us? Why are you so cruel... Hearst, please hold on! I beg you!" Sobbed Heidy.

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