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   Chapter 377 After Today, You Will Remember

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In the evening, in Hearst's villa, Yvonne sat on the sofa, thinking about something quietly. Perhaps it was because she was too focused that she didn't notice that Hearst came in.

Feeling the strength on her waist, Yvonne turned her head around. Hearst sat next to her and held her in his long arms. Lowering his head and resting his chin on her head, Hearst said in a low voice, "What are you thinking about? You didn't even know that I'm here right now."

Hearing the voice, Yvonne came back to her senses. She shook her head and replied with a smile, "Nothing. I'm just thinking about the definition of happiness."

"Happiness?" Raising his eyebrows, Hearst looked at her, waiting for her to continue.

Then she turned around and looked at him. After thinking for a while, she smiled and said, "Yes, happiness. Hearst, what is happiness?"

After thinking for a few seconds, Hearst held her hand, interlocked their fingers and replied calmly, "Happiness is to be with the one you love."

Hearing his answer, Yvonne smiled. Looking at the handsome man in front of her, Yvonne nodded, "Yes, it makes sense. Do you think you are happy now or in the past?"

"Both. The happiness now is based on the happiness of the past. Because I met you before, and now I feel happier." Hearst answered truthfully.

Yvonne didn't say anything, but seriously thought about what he said. After a long while, she said slowly, "So you are happy, because you have the past. Although I am also happy, my happiness is not so strong, because I have no memory of the past."

During this period of time, so many things had happened in her life, and she was more eager to find back her memories. The memories of more than twenty years were taken away from her mind in this way. She couldn't just let it go.

Looking at her expression, Hearst caressed her head and said, "We're not in a hurry. There must be a way to help you regain your memory. I've sent people to learn more about hypnosis. As long as it can be broken, regaining your memory should be possible. But it's not easy to crack it."

"What's the problem?" ... Yvonne asked.

"I know that generally, deep hypnosis is done through a medium. And that medium could guide that person into hypnosis state. As for the other hypnotists, they didn't know what medium they used to hypnotize the patient. I didn't know that before, so I didn't ask Miles to tell me what kind of medium he used." Said Hearst in a serious tone.

She looked at him in astonishment and asked, "So now, only Miles can help me regain my memory?"

Without giving a definite answer, Hearst said, "Miles told me before that he didn't know how to crack the hypnosis. I have been looking for Miles everywhere these days, but I haven't found him. As long as I find him and know what kind of medium he used to hypnotize me, I can ask other to

mly. "What should I do next?"

"You are hypnotized so that you forget the past. So what we need to do now is to let you be hypnotized again and let Miles do it." Marcus said with a faint smile. He looked somewhere and saw Miles coming out of a small room with a smile.

Hearing that she was going to be hypnotized, she was a little suspicious and didn't directly agree. Miles walked up to her and said with a smile, "It's necessary to break the hypnosis. Use the media to solve the hypnosis. Don't be nervous, Yvonne. Mr. Hearst is so capable. If I hurt you, I'm afraid that he will be the first one to not let me and my family go."

After struggling for a long time, she finally made up her mind and said, "Okay, I will do it." Yesterday, Hearst said that the media was indeed needed to remove the hypnosis. And the media, of course, was used to hypnosis.

Miles nodded and motioned for her to sit down. Then, he opened his suitcase and took out his tools. Yvonne didn't say anything and cooperated quietly. Now, she could only take the risk. She had no choice. She was too eager to regain her memory.

Marcus stood there quietly and watched Yvonne slowly closing her eyes under the hypnosis of Miles. During the process, Marcus turned around and looked out of the window. He didn't have the heart to do something, but he had to do it.

Ten minutes later, Miles put down the tools in his hands and came to Marcus's side. "It's done."

Marcus turned around and looked at Yvonne who was lying on the sofa with her eyes closed. He walked forward, squatted down and hesitated to put his fingertips on her body. Touching her skin, Marcus said softly, "Yvonne, please do me a favor for the last time, okay? Don't worry. This will be the last time."

Looking at her peaceful sleeping face, he stood up with great determination. With his back to her, Marcus said expressionlessly, "Do as planned."

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