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   Chapter 376 No One Can Take Her Away

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 9472

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Today was weekend. Gavin didn't need to go to the kindergarten or attend the class. It was a happy thing for Gavin to stay at home and have a happy holiday. Today, Yvonne was going to play with Gavin and Elsa in the park.

Gavin held Elsa's hand and capered around happily. Yvonne and the nanny followed them with a smile. "Mom, you are so slow. Even a turtle is faster than you." Gavin grumbled.

With a warm smile on her face, Yvonne said, "Take your time. We are not in a hurry. Slow down and mind your steps."

Elsa nodded with a bright smile and followed Gavin excitedly. The nanny looked at the scene in front of her and said with a smile, "Since Mrs. Yvonne came back, Gavin and Elsa have been much happier. Children should be accompanied by their mothers."

With a faint smile on her lips, Yvonne said slowly, "It would be better if I could think of the past. Although I have accepted the fact that I'm their mother, I still feel that something is missing."

"Don't worry, my lady. Just as you said, take your time. You and Mr. Hearst love each other so much. I believe that you will remember what happened in the past and live happily with Mr. Hearst." The nanny said sincerely.

"I hope so," said Yvonne with a smile. She couldn't help but think of what Marcus had said last night. Couldn't she really think of the past without his help? Thinking of this, Yvonne was worried.

She came to the lawn and sat down, watching Elsa and Gavin chasing and playing on the lawn. Looking at the bright smiles on their faces, Yvonne envied them very much. The happiest time in a person's life should be their childhood. At the thought of this, she was curious about her childhood. Shaking her head, Yvonne didn't go on.

Seeing that someone was selling fruit not far away, Yvonne stood up and went to the fruit stall to buy some pitaya and mango. "Come here for fruits." Yvonne shouted at them. And the two kids ran towards her at once.

Seeing that Gavin's face was full of sweat, Yvonne took off his coat and said, "You are sweating all over your body. Take it off first and wipe the sweat dry, in case you catch a cold later."

Hearing her caring words, Gavin nodded sensibly with obvious joy in his eyes. Holding the pitaya, Gavin lowered his head and ate it carefully. Noticing that he hadn't eaten mango yet, Yvonne gave him the mango and said with a smile, "It's delicious. Have a try."

Gavin didn't take it and said calmly, "Mom, I don't eat mango. I'm allergic to it."

"Yes, Gavin can't have mangoes. When he ate mango for the first time in the past, he had been suffering from urticaria all over his body. Later, you forbade us to buy mango, in case Gavin would eat it." The nanny explained.

Hearing this, Yvonne slowly took her hand back and said apologetically, "Gavin, I'm sorry. I forgot such an impo

angry face suddenly changed. Tears rolled down from her eyes and poured down, "Heidy, why did you lose your memory? If you don't lose your memory, I can tell you all my grievances. But I can't. In your eyes, I'm just a stranger to you now. Why is God so unfair to me? Why did he take away the memory of my best friend?"

The more Jessica thought about it, the more sad she became. Her excitement and madness turned into unspeakable sadness in a short time. "My husband doesn't love me now. My parents-in-law only love their grandson, and my husband only cares about the child. I gave birth to the baby. Why did he take away everything that once belonged to me? Is he an angel or a demon?"

Noah held her head and said softly, "Ben won't take away what belongs to you. No one can take them away."

Before he finished his words, Jessica kicked him away and shouted, "No, you are lying! You only care about Ben. You worried that I might hurt him, so you didn't let me see him. Noah, let me go back, okay? I don't want to stay in the hospital. I don't want to stay here."

Standing there helplessly, Yvonne looked at the situation in front of her and didn't know how to deal with it. At this moment, she felt that she was really useless. Jessica was her best friend, but she could only stand there like an outsider.

"Listen to me. The doctor said that your condition is getting worse and you must be treated in the hospital. When the treatment is over, I'll take you home, okay?" Noah comforted her softly.

"Fuck off! I don't believe you! Noah, you want to hurt me, right? You must want to kill me and marry another woman!" Jessica shouted excitedly, turned around and ran out quickly. Seeing this, Noah and Hearst immediately chased after her.

Yvonne still stood there in a daze. She clenched her fists. "Sure enough, I'm worthless after I lose my memory." Yvonne said softly.

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