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   Chapter 373 Do Whatever You Want

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In the hospital, Jessica was led inside by Noah. Walking to the floor where the doctor was, Jessica shook off his hand again. "Noah, I said I'm not sick. Why don't you believe me? I'm just a little irritable recently. It's not a disease. I won't do the examination."

Then she turned around and left. Seeing this, Noah said earnestly, "Jessica, I know you don't believe you have some problems, and sometimes I can't believe it either. So we'd better do an examination? I care about you very much. I can rest assured as long as you have an examination and make sure that there is nothing wrong with you. At that time, we can sit down and discuss all the problems, okay?"

Hearing his words, Jessica hesitated and said, "If I have a check-up, can you calmly discuss with me about the matter of Ben?"

Nodding, Noah smiled and replied, "Yes, we will discuss the solution then."

Seeing that he agreed, Jessica thought for a while and finally agreed. She continued to walk inside. After arriving at the doctor's room, Jessica followed the nurse and did all kinds of examinations obediently. Although she didn't know why, she tried her best to cooperate. She thought that she was not sick anyway, and she would persuade Noah to send Ben away.

Half an hour later, the doctor looked at the examination results in his hand and said with a frown, "I'm sorry. Mr. Noah. Mrs. Jessica has suffered from moderate postpartum depression."

When Noah heard this answer, his expression was calm. In fact, he had found that Jessica's personality had slowly changed since she gave birth. But at first, he thought he was thinking too much, but he didn't expect that...

Shocked, Jessica stood up and looked at the doctor in disbelief. "What nonsense are you talking about? Postpartum depression? I have depression? How is that possible? Doctor, I think you are insane. Stop talking nonsense here. I won't listen to you." Then, Jessica turned around and was about to leave, but her arm was grabbed by Noah.

Looking at her, Noah said in a low voice, "Let's wait for the doctor to make it clear."

Shaking off his hand angrily, Jessica said angrily, "Listen to him? He is talking nonsense here. Noah, or do you also think I'm sick? You don't like me and regret marrying me, so you asked the doctor to cooperate with you and say that I'm sick and want to divorce me? Noah, I'm telling you, you can't just marry me as you like, and return me back as you want!"

Seeing that she was agitated, Noah looked at her seriously and said, "Jessica, don't make a scene here. Let's sit here and listen to the doctor. If you have a disease, we can cure it. It was not a fatal disease and could be cured. In fact, it's possible for you to suffer from postpartum depression. I've asked your mother and found that a lot of your family member had suffered from postpartum depression before."

Jessica lifted her foot and kicked him hard. She roared angrily, "What the hell are you talking about? Your whole family is suffering f

of my little grandson. You don't have to get involved in the company's affairs for the time being." Dean sighed.

Looking at him in disbelief, Jessica said, "Do you want me to leave the company and take care of that boy? I don't want Ben! I hate him! Dad, mom and you don't love me, do you? I hate him! Why do all of you like him? He is so annoying and loves to cry. He like to get sick and cry all day long. Why do you all love him?"

Dean didn't expect that Jessica would comment on her child in this way. He frowned and said, "Jessica, that's your child!"

"I don't need such a child! I won't stay at home to take care of him. I won't!" After saying that excitedly, Jessica turned around and ran outside angrily.

"Jessica, come back!" Dean shouted, but Jessica didn't hear him and left quickly.

Not long after Jessica left, Noah came to his office and asked, "Dad, where is Jessica?"

He sighed slightly. Dean said helplessly, "I scolded her for a while and she ran away angrily. The more she grew up, the more disobedient she became. She almost lost her temper. She doesn't know that she almost disabled that student this time."

Hearing Dean's words, Noah frowned worriedly. "It seems that Jessica's condition is very serious. We must send her to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible, so that she will be seriously ill."

Hearing this, Dean looked at him in astonishment and asked, "She is sick? What's wrong with Jessica?"

After thinking for a while, Noah told Dean about Jessica's postpartum depression and recent performance. He knew that it was not enough to persuade Jessica to receive treatment alone. "I didn't expect Jessica to get this..." Dean said in disbelief.

"Well, now we have to find a way to let her receive treatment." Noah said in a low voice, "But according to her character, it's not easy to let her go to the hospital."

Thinking of Jessica's character, Noah frowned. No matter how difficult the treatment was, Noah would not give up on her.

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