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   Chapter 371 I'm Not The Complete Heidy

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After this period of treatment, it was finally the day that Hearst was discharged from the hospital. Yvonne asked the servant to pack up his things early and then went home with Hearst. Hearst didn't let his friends know that he was discharged from the hospital today. He didn't want to bother them to pick him up, so he planned to tell them the good news when he got home.

When Hearst returned to home after a long time, looking at the furnishings in the room, Hearst said in a low voice, "During this period of time in the hospital, I thought I would never have the chance to return to this home."

He fainted because of work, and then he was diagnosed with renal failure. At that time, Hearst thought he would definitely die, but he didn't expect to survive in such a desperate situation. Looking at his expression, Yvonne smiled and said, "You will be fine. God will bless you since you love Heidy so much."

Hearing this, Hearst teased, "I thought you would say that God will bless me because I'm a good man."

"That's because you are not kind person, so I have to change the word." Yvonne said with a smile.

Seeing that she was still making fun of him, Hearst pinched her cheek dotingly and said, "My dear wife, you're naughty."

Hearing him call her that way, Yvonne's heart jolted and her heart beat faster. She covered her face with her hands in a hurry and said shyly, "I haven't remembered what happened in the past. I'm still your wife."

Holding her slender waist, Hearst said calmly, "You will be soon." Then, Hearst continued to walk forward.

When they just went up to the second floor, they saw that Gavin and Elsa suddenly jumped out of the room and excitedly ran in front of them. They said in one voice, "Dad, welcome home."

Hearst squatted down and held them in his arms. He put his hand on the back of their heads and said in a soft voice, "Good kids, dad is finally back. I'm sorry for making you worried these days. I haven't taken good care of you these days. Are you angry with me?"

Gavin and Elsa shook their heads and said in one voice, "Dad, we love you."

With tears in his eyes, Hearst smiled knowingly and said, "I love you too. I promise you that I won't let you worry about me anymore."

Elsa handed the painting to Hearst and said with a smile, "Dad, I drew it with my brother."

Hearst took it from her hand and looked at the two children painted on the paper. They held their father's hands and went back home. Seeing the smiles on their faces, Hearst was moved. "Gavin told me that when we are with dad and mom, this place is our home." Elsa said in a sweet voice.

Touching their heads, Hearst said, "I feel very happy to have such cute kids like you two." Hearst hugged them again.

When Yvonne heard their conversation and saw them embracing each other,

us to go through every step. Therefore, when we finally got married, that accident happened. Although it was a blow to me, I have the courage to accept it."

Yvonne didn't know how to describe her feelings, but she knew that the man in front of her was worthy of her love and believed that she had a taste in man. When Yvonne was enjoying the scenery in front of her, Hearst suddenly called her, "Yvonne."

"What?" Yvonne looked at him and said.

Staring at her eyes, Hearst suddenly took out the diamond ring from his pocket, knelt down on one knee and said, "Yvonne, marry me? When you had an accident at the wedding, the wedding ring fell down. Later, I kept the wedding ring for a long time. I planned to put it on you when you woke up. Now, I finally get the chance."

She looked at him in surprise and fixed her eyes on the beautiful wedding ring. She remembered this ring, since there was a close-up on the wedding video. "Even if I lose my memory now, do you still want to put it on me?" Yvonne couldn't help asking, "I'm not the complete Heidy now."

With a faint smile on his lips, Hearst said firmly, "Well, I know. Even if you forget the past, I don't care. Whether you are Hua Heidy or Yvonne, you are the woman I choose. You are the only one I love in my life."

A warm current flowed in her chest, and she smiled from the bottom of her heart. "Well, let's create the new future together. Of course, we should also look for the past." Yvonne replied with a smile.

"Okay, it's a deal." Hearst replied firmly and put the wedding ring on her ring finger again.

Standing up, Hearst held her face in his hands, lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. Yvonne didn't resist. She closed her eyes to feel his breath. Slowly, she responded clumsily.

Beside the lake, the two people who loved each other were kissing. Time seemed to stop at this moment.

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