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   Chapter 369 It Seems A Little Uncomfortable Here

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After a long-term treatment, Hearst had almost recovered. After a general check-up, the doctor said that Hearst could be discharged tomorrow. When Yvonne heard the result, she was overjoyed. As long as he was fine, she could rest assured. Otherwise, she would suffer a lot in her life.

In the ward of the hospital, Yvonne was peeling fruit for Hearst. Hearst leaned against the bed, Hearst's eyes fixed on her. Yvonne raised her head and looked at him inadvertently. Her heart missed a beat. She blushed as usual and asked shyly, "Why are you looking at me like this?"

"You are beautiful." Hearst replied with a smile.

Hearing his words, Yvonne blushed. Yvonne fanned her face with her hand, pretending to be calm, and said, "It's hot. The ward is stuffy."

Looking at her expression, Hearst said with a smile in his eyes, "Well, it's. And it makes your face so red. Do you want me to lower your temperature?" While they were talking, Hearst was about to sit up.

Seeing this, Yvonne immediately moved back reflexively and smiled awkwardly. "No, thanks. It's not that hot..."

Looking at her, Hearst couldn't help laughing. Whether it was in the past or now, Hearst liked to tease her. He thought it was an interesting thing. Every time when he made fun of her, she was very cute.

Hearst didn't continue to flirt with her. He looked at her with a warm smile on his face. "Heidy, you are more and more beautiful." Hearst suddenly confessed, "I like to look at you like this all the time."

Yvonne didn't say anything but looked up at him. After thinking for a while, Yvonne said, "Hearst, I know I'm Heidy for a long time. But even so, I still can't regain any memory. So, before I can remember the past, can you continue to call me Yvonne?"

Although she hated the Chu family for treating her as Yvonne. However, she didn't want to hear him call her Heidy when she lost her memory. Maybe it was because of hypnosis, every time she heard this name, she would always become irritable for no reason.

Noticing the sincerity on her face, Hearst nodded and said, "Okay, I promise you. Yvonne, I still call you that."

"Thank you." Yvonne said with a smile. Most of the time, she felt that Hearst was very considerate. As long as it was her request, Hearst would try his best to satisfy her. The feeling of warmth and being spoiled made her feel sweet. Therefore, she hoped that she could regain her memory as soon as possible and became Heidy who loved Hearst deeply.

Looking at her affectionately, Hearst said with a smile, "Silly girl, we are a couple. You don't have to thank me. In fact, I don't mind if you think of the past. As long as you can stand by my side and see you when I turn around, it will be the greatest gift from God for me."

She understood what he meant, but she still said firmly, "I don't want to forget the past. I still remember that I envied you when I watched you

head and thought for a while. Then she said slowly, "You are lying. You are not Marcus. Marcus is my brother. He's just a kid. He's not that old. But Marcus hasn't come to see me for a long time. I don't know where he has gone. Dad, mom and brother are missing, too..."

When Sally said these words, there was a gleam of expectation in her eyes. The light in her eyes made his heart ache. Since Sally lost her mind, Marcus's parents sent her to a sanatorium. In the beginning, they would pick her up every year to celebrate the Spring Festival. But later, they seldom did it. Even if Marcus was dissatisfied, he didn't have a say at home.

Guilt filled his heart. Marcus said guiltily, "I'm sorry, sister. I shouldn't have ignored you. I should have come to see you for so many years."

Marcus suffered a heavy blow after his brother' death and Sally's madness. He felt that anyone who was good to him would be hurt because of him. Therefore, he had to leave Z city, and then went to A city. He had planned to live in the nightclub in a muddle headed state. Until he saw Hearst, his heart was burning with revenge.

Sally lowered her head and played with her hands. Then she stood up, grabbed his arm and giggled, "Brother, can you play with me?"

Marcus smiled gently and said, "I'm your brother. I'll play with you. After I solve all the problems and get rid of Hearst who hurt you, I will take you out of here and take good care of you. Okay, sister?"

Staring ahead, Sally asked blankly, "Hearst, who is he? I seem to have heard of it somewhere, but I can't remember. It seems a little uncomfortable here." As she spoke, she kept patting her chest.

Looking at her, Marcus hated Hearst more. Even though she was already out of her mind, she still remembered Hearst. But in Hearst's eyes, she was nothing. Thinking of this, the hatred in his eyes became strong. "I won't let him live a good life." Marcus thought to himself.

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