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   Chapter 368 Not All The Harm Can Be Forgiven

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Hearst was still under treatment. Although acute renal failure was a serious disease, it was at least curable. After receiving the best treatment in a short time, Hearst was much better.

The doctor examined Hearst's body and said with a smile, "Mr. Hearst, you have a good physical condition. In addition, the poison is not too serious, so your condition is almost under control now. In about three days, you will be discharged from the hospital if your condition didn't have any changes."

Hearing this, Yvonne said with obvious joy, "Is that true? Finally you could leave the hospital. Doctor, is there any aftereffect?" Yvonne was worried that what happened this time would hurt Hearst. If so, she would never be able to make up for her mistake.

Looking at her nervous expression, the doctor smiled and said, "It's okay. As long as it's completely cured, and it's acute disease, there will be no sequela. But after that, he still had to exercise more to keep a good state of health. Of course, he had to be careful in life to avoid being poisoned again. If it happens again, I'm afraid things won't be so smooth this time."

Hearing the doctor's words, Yvonne blushed and said softly, "No, I won't let it happen again. Thank you, doctor."

"As a doctor, we just did what we should do. Mr. Hearst, call me if you need anything." The doctor said politely, turned around and left.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Yvonne breathed a sigh of relief and said, "That's great. You have been treated for nearly half a month and finally you can recover. Do you know, Hearst? I'm really worried about you. In that case, even if I want to make it up for you, I'm afraid that I won't have a chance."

Looking at her face, Hearst smiled and said, "Silly girl, I've told you that I won't die that easily. There are so many people in this world who want to hurt me. If I could be easily defeated, I wouldn't have lived till now. So you don't have to worry too much. If you hadn't taken care of me these days, I wouldn't have recovered so soon. So, don't blame yourself in the future, okay?"

Looking into his eyes, she nodded and said with a smile, "Okay. By the way, how is the company going? Has the loss been settled?"

Although Yvonne was not very familiar with the situation in A City and she could get some information from the news... Some companies were worried about the J.Y Group because of the leakage of their confidential information. They were worried about the J.Y Group's safety. And some competitive companies also took advantage of this opportunity and offered lower prices and preferential terms, trying to snatch business from J.Y Group.

With his hands crossed in front of him, when it came to the business, Hearst regained his usual seriousness and said, "Yes, it's being solved. About 80% of the problems have been solved. Because it happened all of

h I loved him. Have you ever thought how painful it would be if I recalled the past one day?"

Hearing her words, Becky said with tears in her eyes, "I'm really sorry, Yvonne. I did know about your relationship, but Marcus told me at that time that you could never regain your memory. He has hypnotized you deeply. You won't remember everything in the past. That's why I made up my mind. You thought you could be our daughter forever after he died."

Hearing her explanation, Yvonne's heart ached. "In fact, you don't love me at all. You love yourself. And you treat me well just as a substitute for your daughter, Yvonne. You know what? How much do I want a family? At that time, all the possibilities told me that I was Heidy. But I didn't accept it due to your kindness to me these months, so I made this mistake."

Although Hearst's injury wasn't caused by Becky directly, but it was because of her that Yvonne made up her mind to hurt Hearst. Because of this, Yvonne couldn't forgive Becky. "I'm sorry, Yvonne. Yvonne, can you go back to visit your father? Knowing the truth, he had a heart attack again. It's serious this time." Becky pleaded.

When she heard that Clark had a heart attack, Yvonne became nervous. But when she looked at Becky, Yvonne couldn't help but take a step back. "I won't go back with you. I'm Heidy, not Yvonne. Even if I haven't regained my memory, I'm still Heidy. Even if I go back, it can't change anything. Maybe he will be more irritated."

Then Yvonne walked inside. After walking for a while, she stopped and said, "Don't come to me again. I won't forgive you. The more I thought how much you loved me back then, the more I hate you for this, Mrs. Becky." After saying that, Yvonne strode away.

Looking at her back, Becky slumped to the ground and cried, "I'm sorry, Yvonne... I was wrong. How can you forgive me... As long as you forgive me, I can do anything..."

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