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   Chapter 363 When I Recover, I Will Cook For You

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When Hearst found Yvonne, he came back to A city for treatment immediately without any delay. Since he had left the hospital one day, his condition had gotten worse.

According to the diagnosis, Hearst suffered from acute renal failure caused by poisoning. He was found in time and the poisoning was not serious. Therefore, his disease might be curable. As long as he took the medicines and treatment before it turned into a chronic renal failure, he could be cured.

In the ward of the hospital, Hearst was lying on the bed with a painful look on his face. He kept frowning all the time, because acute gastrorrhagia and headache would occur after acute renal failure. "Doctor, how is Hearst?" Asked Yvonne worriedly.

The doctor looked at the case in his hand and truthfully said, "Mr. Hearst's poisoning is not very serious. The poison will not take effect until a certain amount of medicine is taken. We have investigated the poison that caused his disease. If he take that medicine one more time, the effect of the poison will be multiplied. In addition, Mr. Hearst has been taking some anti-toxic Chinese Medicine, which has to offset the poison to some extent."

"Will his life be in danger then?" Yvonne continued.

The doctor nodded and replied honestly, "It's possible. What we need to do now is to minimize the toxins in his body as much as possible. We have found the cause of the disease and are currently using blood purification treatment to remove the poisonous substance. He is also on infusion to maintain the balance of water, electrolyte within his body."

Although Yvonne couldn't understand what he said, she knew that Hearst's disease was curable now. When she thought of this, she was much relieved. "I hope he will be fine," Said Yvonne slowly.

Seeing her worried face, the doctor comforted her, "Don't worry, Mrs. Heidy. We will do our best to save Mr. Hearst."

With tears in her eyes, Yvonne nodded. When she came to the bedside, she saw that Hearst was lying there with his eyes closed and his face pale. She felt guilty. On the previous day, on the way back home, Hearst had symptoms of nausea, vomiting and other digestion problems, due to his persistence to look for her.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the doctor immediately gave Hearst an emergency treatment, but he had had hemorrhages in his digestive canal. She felt bad when she saw him lying on the bed silently.

She turned around slowly and walked out of the ward. When she reached the ward door, she met Noah. Looking at him, she lowered her head and apologized, "I'm sorry. It's all my fault."

"Yes, it's all because of you. Fortunately, he was sent to the hospital in time. Otherwise, I won't forgive you if it turns out to be chronic renal failure. Heidy, even if you lost your memory, I didn't expect that you would do such a thing to him. Hearst was so stupid. He knew it

o nothing, she felt so helpless. Patting him on the back, Yvonne said smoothly, "I'm really useless. I can do nothing for you."

His forehead was in a sweat because of the pain. Hearst wanted to comfort him, but found that he was unable to speak it out. Now he was so weak that it was hard for him to even speak. After resting for a long time, Hearst finally managed to speak out a few words, "It's good that you're here."

His simple words weighted heavily on Yvonne. Looking at the man in front of her, Yvonne wanted to cry. She immediately threw herself into his arms and said gratefully, "Hearst, thank you."

Hearst raised his hand and caressed the back of her head as usual. He didn't say anything but touched her head gently.

After a whole day's treatment, Hearst was a little tired. Ever since he came back, he had been lying on the bed, resting. It was a serious disease, so it was suffering during the treatment. However, no matter how tired and painful Hearst was, he didn't say anything, in case she felt more guilty.

"Hearst, you haven't eaten anything the whole day. You threw up everything you ate yesterday. I'm afraid that my body can't stand it. How about having some? The doctor said you need some light food." Said Yvonne.

Seeing the porridge, Hearst shook his head with difficulty. There were some problems in his digestive system, so he didn't want to eat anything, nor did he have the appetite. "I'm fine, Heidy. I want to have a rest. I'm tired." Said Hearst in a low voice.

After she heard his words and saw the expression on his face, she nodded her head and said, "Okay. Have a good rest. I believe that you will recover soon. I will cook for you whatever you want to eat."

With a faint smile, Hearst said, "When I'm recovered, I'll cook for you."

"Okay, I'll wait. You can't break your promise." Tears were shining in her eyes.

Hearst nodded shortly and closed his eyes.

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