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   Chapter 362 I Will Live In Pain

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Yvonne had left for a day and a night. She even didn't answer the phone. Seeing the situation, Hearst was worried about her and didn't listen to the doctor. He insisted on coming to Z city. In case of any accident, the attending doctor came along with him.

After getting off the plane, Hearst went directly to look for Marcus. He was the chief culprit who had caused the incident. In front of the Qi family's mansion, looking at Hearst's pale face, Marcus was filled with complacency and said, "Hearst, you have never expected that one day you will become like that, right?"

Hearst looked at the man sitting opposite to him and asked in a low voice, "Where is Heidy?"

Seeing his eager eyes, Marcus didn't answer her question. Instead, he satirized, "Wow, you're really a romantic man. If you could be so nice to everyone, you probably wouldn't have ended up like this."

Hearing this, Hearst said coldly, "I don't need to care about people that are not important to me. Marcus, aren't you doing this to avenge your brother? Strictly speaking, you can't blame me for your brother's death."

Marcus clapped his hands and said calmly, "Since you can investigate my brother, it seems that you have put a lot of work on it. My father blocked the news of my brother's death. Up to now, many people thought he was just missing, but they did not expect that his body had already turned into ashes under the ground. But Hearst, you have killed more than my brother."

Hearing her words, Hearst frowned and asked, "What do you mean?"

Seeing his expression, Marcus said coldly, "For the sake of your dying, I can tell you. Do you remember a girl called Sally?"

"No." Hearst replied indifferently.

Hearing his answer, Marcus clenched his fists. The hatred was so strong that it seemed to swallow Hearst alive. But his murderous eyes couldn't pose a threat to Hearst.

Marcus adjusted his mood and continued, "Sally Qi, she is my elder sister. Because of what happened to my elder brother, my sister have known more about you, but I didn't expect that she would fall in love with you. She was the only girl in the family. My parents loved her so much and protected her well since she was a child. She liked you, and she confessed her love for you. But you always ignore her. You said you don't even care if she dies. My silly sister then committed suicide."

Hearst's heart was full of astonishment. It turned out that Marcus's elder sister, Sally Qi, liked Hearst a lot and had been obsessed with him. However, Hearst didn't even look at her at all. In order to attract his attention, Sally Qi decided to commit suicide. She wrote to Hearst, hoping he could come to see her and then jump off the building. In the end, Hearst didn't show up. Although she jumped from the building and didn't die, she was mentally handicapped because of her brain damage.

Thinking of the infor

ow what, Heidy? When I see you again, I am really happy. It's my happiest moment to know that you're still alive."

Yvonne choked with sobs and said, "Hearst..."

"Promise me, don't do anything stupid or think too much, okay? As long as you can live well and stay by me side, it is enough. Sometimes I want everything of you. I want to give you a lot of happiness. Sometimes I can also be satisfied easily. I can lose everything, even my own life. As long as you are alive, that's enough."

Regaining what he had lost was the greatest luck for him. He regarded Yvonne as a gift from God. As long as she was alive, he didn't regret anything at the end of his life.

Yvonne looked at him, feeling a twinge of pain in her heart. She covered her mouth to hold back her cry. "But I forgot what happened in the past, and I forgot everything about us. Hearst, hurt you badly. I can't forgive myself. If one day I recall the past, I will be more guilty." Yvonne sobbed and said.

Hearst touched her face gently and said in a tender voice, "Honey, even if you had forget what had happened between us, I can remember all of them clearly. If you want to know, I can tell you in the future. I can help you regain your memory. If when you think of the past, you would blame yourself, then we should forget the past and create a new memory."

His words warmed her heart. Looking at the man in front of her, she suddenly understood why she had fallen in love with him. How could people not love such a man? She threw herself into his arms and grabbed his clothes tightly. Slowly, she said, "Thank you, Hearst. And I am really sorry, sorry..."

Hearst touched her head gently, and said with a tender smile, "It is okay. Just take care of yourself. Promise me, don't do this again, okay? If you die, I will die with you."

She closed her eyes, and more tears gushed out from her eyes. 'I'm sorry...' Yvonne thought to herself.

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