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   Chapter 361 I'm Just A Stranger To You

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Yvonne didn't expect that things would end like this. She didn't expect that Hearst had renal failure. She knew very well what kind of disease it was. When she realized that she was indeed Heidy, she didn't want to forgive herself.

She had always believed that the Chu family would not lie to her, so when she knew that she was not Yvonne, her heart was broken. She wanted an answer. So, with the permission of Hearst, she came back to Z city.

In the Chu family's villa, the moment Becky saw her, she greeted her warmly, "Yvonne, you're back! That's great! Seeing you come back safe and sound, I am so relieved."

Clark echoed her words, "That's right, kid. Since you are back, we can celebrate the Spring Festival together. Yvonne, we haven't seen each other for a long time. Why are you so thin? Did you have a hard time there?"

When Yvonne saw the bright smile on their faces, she felt cold in her heart. If she didn't know the truth, she would feel very happy to have parents who loved her so much. Now she thought it was ridiculous.

She looked at them expressionlessly and asked, "Why did you lie to me?"

Clark and Becky looked at each other and asked with doubts, "What?"

Yvonne walked towards them and questioned, "Why did you lie to me? I'm not your daughter, Yvonne. Why did you lie to me?"

Becky's face turned pale as she heard her words and felt her anger. "Yvonne, what are you talking about? You are our daughter, Yvonne." Asked Clark, puzzled.

With blood red eyes, Yvonne took the test result and said, "Do you still want to deny it? This is the paternity test result of Heidy's two children and me. It turns out that I am Heidy, not Yvonne!"

Clark looked at her in surprise and disbelief. When Yvonne saw the surprised expression on his face, she focused her gaze on Becky who stood there still. "What else do you want to explain, mom? Do you want me to do a DNA test to see if I am really your daughter?"

Becky slowly raised her head with obvious sadness on her face. She heaved a sigh and said bitterly, "There's no need for that. I didn't plan to hide this secret from you for such a long time. I just didn't expect you to know the truth so soon."

When Yvonne heard her answer, she knew that she wasn't the daughter of the Chu family. With tears rolling down her cheeks, Yvonne sobbed, "Why did you lie to me? I'm not your daughter at all. Why did you lie to me?"

Clark was also shocked. He looked at Becky in disbelief, "Darling, what's going on? Didn't you say that we have found Yvonne and she is our daughter?"

Becky looked at his surprised face and the anger burning in Yvonne's eyes, tears welled up in her eyes, "Yes, we have found our daughter, Yvonne. But she died a year ago."

Clark opened his eyes wide

ame like this because of you! Why? Why do you treat me like this?"

Seeing her red eyes, Marcus felt a little guilty. She always looked cheerful and happy in his heart. Looking at her, Marcus said apologetically, "I'm sorry, Yvonne."

"Don't call me Yvonne. I'm not! Why are you so cruel to me, Marcus? I have no grudge against you. Why do you treat me like this!" Yvonne shouted with excitement.

Clenching his fists, Marcus kept silent for a long time. Then he said in a hoarse voice, "Because you are the woman that Hearst loves most. I hate him. I can make his life a living hell with the help of you."

Upon hearing this, Yvonne sneered and said, "That's why you took me away and hypnotized me. You made me think I'm Yvonne. You asked me to get close to Hearst, drug him and kill him. You've always regarded me as a tool for revenge."

Pursing his lips, Marcus kept silent. He closed his eyes to hide all his emotions. When he opened his eyes again, Marcus regained his calm. "You are the only person who can kill him in the world. I want him to suffer. You are my best helper."

Yvonne smiled ironically, clenching her fists. Suddenly, she raised her hand and slapped him in the face. His face hurt, but he stood there quietly. "Marcus, you are shameless. You can take your revenge, but you choose to use such a despicable method." Said Yvonne, grinding her teeth.

Marcus didn't retort. He also thought he was a despicable man. "I'm sorry." Said Marcus slowly.

"I don't want you to apologize to me. Hearst has renal failure because of you. And it is you who gave me the drug. Ha-ha... If something really happened to Hearst, I'll take revenge for him one day." Yvonne said firmly. After saying that, she turned around and left decisively.

Seeing that she left, Marcus still stood there with complex emotions in his eyes.

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