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   Chapter 359 Are You Afraid

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Yvonne sat in front of the dressing table and looked at herself in the mirror, her face full of worries. She was very nervous at the thought of the conversation she had with Hearst last night. Somehow, she had a hunch that Hearst already knew she drugged him. But she didn't understand, if he knew the truth, could he really not care?

The more she thought about it, the more upset she became. She always felt that Hearst would make her heart in a mess. At this moment, the cell phone suddenly vibrated. She picked up her phone and pressed the answer key. It was Becky. "Come back, Yvonne. Your father has a heart attack and is now in hospital."

With her eyes wide open, Yvonne jumped to her feet. "What? Dad is in hospital? Is it serious?"

"I don't know exactly. He just fainted and was sent to the hospital for rescue. He is still in danger. I don't know what to do. Please come back as soon as possible." Said Becky nervously.

When Yvonne knew that her father was rescued, she looked worried. She comforted Becky before she ran out of the house. At the moment, the only thing she wanted to do was to go back to Z City as soon as possible and stay with her parents.

She arrived at the airport as soon as possible. When she was going to buy a ticket, she found that the ticket agent directly refused to sell the ticket to her after seeing her ID card. "I'm in a hurry now. Miss, why don't you sell the ticket to me?" Asked Yvonne excitedly.

"Miss, it's not that we don't want to, but that your ID card is in the black list. Without the order of our superior, we can't buy the air ticket for you. I'm sorry."

Eyes wide open, Yvonne didn't know why she had been in the user blacklist. When she was about to argue with the staff, Hearst appeared. Yvonne ran to Hearst and grabbed his sleeve. She said in a fluster, "Hearst, could you please help me to book the air ticket for me? I have to go back. My father has a heart attack."

Hearst looked at her and said, "No, I won't allow you to go back there."

Yvonne looked at him in surprise. With a pale face, she asked, "Why? Why am I not allowed to go back? When I came to A city with you, you didn't forbid me to go back!"

"You can't go back to Z city without my permission." Hearst said in a firm voice, "Come back with me, Yvonne."

Yvonne struggled to get rid of his hand. Looking at his resolute expression, she suddenly realized something. "It was you who had done it? You ordered the airline company to blacklist me and forbid me from leaving A city? Is that you, Hearst?"

Looking at her agitated face, Hearst didn't try to hide anything from her and replied, "I did it. I won't let you leave A city, neither will I let you go back to Z city. You don't know it. You thought they were good people, but they may not."

When Yvonne heard that it was him that was plotting against her, she was fuming with rage. She didn't expect that it was

ked at him coldly, "Hearst, what's the matter?"

Hearst put the document bag on the table in front of her. Then he said in a faint voice, "Just now I received a package from Y country. The DNA identification of you, Elsa and Gavin has come out. This is yours. I want you to take a look."

"Not interested." Said Yvonne in a calm tone.

Seeing that she was about to leave, he said in a low voice, "Are you afraid? Are you afraid that you are Heidy."

With a snort, she replied scornfully, "I'm not afraid of anything. I'm Yvonne. I'll never be Heidy. Hearst, don't ever think about it. Well, let me see what expression you will have on your face if you know I'm not Heidy." She then picked up the document bag.

She opened the document and took a quick look at it. But when she saw the result, she couldn't believe her eyes. She quickly checked another document. When she came to the conclusion, her face took on a ghastly expression. She kept muttering, "How could that be? How did this happen?"

Seeing her astonishment, Hearst said calmly, "As I said, you are Heidy. Even if you lost your memory, you are still Heidy."

With a buzzing in her head, she slumped into the sofa, downcast. Grasping the document tightly, she shouted, "No, you're lying! The DNA test is fake. I'm Yvonne. How could I be Heidy? It is impossible!"

Seeing the excited look on her face, Hearst explained calmly, "You're Heidy. The paternity test is legal. You can go to Y country to check if it's true or false. You said you had a paternity test with Chu family two years ago. That was because the person who had done the paternity test with them two years ago was exactly Yvonne. But now, you are Yvonne. You are Heidy, my wife."

Yvonne's heart was pounding and she sat there blankly. Looking at the document in her hand, her face went deathly pale. She seemed to have lost her mind and denied, "No, I'm not Heidy. How could I be Heidy? How could..."

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