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   Chapter 354 Don't Blame Me, Hearst

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 9544

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Hearst felt confused about the matter of Yvonne. Therefore, he had been trying to find out the truth. And he had made progress in investigation.

In the office of the J.Y Group, Hearst listened to Assistant Liu's report, expressionless, with his hands crossed. "Boss, our company has recovered from the loss. On the whole, we are not affected by the recent events at all."

Hearing this, Hearst replied calmly, "Of course, the fundamental of the company can't be moved easily. Inform all branches to make a marketing strategy for the next quarter, and try to make up for the loss in the shortest time."

Assistant Liu understood what he meant. He nodded and said respectfully, "Yes, sir. I'll take care of it right away."

Then, Hearst was ready to start working. Suddenly, something occurred to him. Hearst asked casually, "I asked you to investigate the Qi family. How's the investigation going?"

It was not until Assistant Liu had patted his head that he remembered what had happened. In an apologetic tone, he said, "I'm sorry... Sir. I have been so busy recently that I even forgot to report it to you. It was true and it had made progress. We just knew something about Marcus. Besides, it is related to our company."

With his eyebrows knitted, Hearst asked in confusion, "Our company? What happened?"

"Well, we have sent people to investigate the Qi family before and unexpectedly found that the death of Marcus's eldest brother, Kim Qi, is indirectly caused by us. Years ago..."

Then, assistant Liu began to tell him what had happened a few years ago. At that time, the Qi Group was managed by Marcus. Kim Qi was also a high-spirited and ambitious young man. When he took over the company, he swore he would make the company achieve a brighter prospect. However, he met the biggest enemy in his life, Hearst.

In the past, Hearst started from scratch. He developed the J.Y Group from a small company into the huge and well-known company. At that time, Hearst set its branch in Z city. It developed rapidly and brought great impact on the Qi Group.

Because Hearst and Kim were at the same age, the media often compared them, which made Kim looked down upon. So Kim wanted to defeat Hearst. Half a year later, the opportunity finally came. The two companies competed for the most important project in Z city together. Unfortunately, in just a few days, Kim Qi was defeated, and attracted a lot of criticism.

The proud and arrogant Kim Qi couldn't stand the blow, so he quietly left for C country. He wanted to start his own career overseas, just like Hearst did. Unfortunately, after he arrived in C country. Because of the riot and terror in C country, he had been taken away as a hostage by those mobulas and died in the horrible incident.

The Qi family had declared to the public that Kim Qi had just disappeared since he di

g that she was still stubborn, Hearst didn't argue anymore. What he knew was that she would fall in love with him and their child as long as they had more time. Now she was much better than before.

"It doesn't matter. I have enough time to wait." Then he said with confidence, "I can wait for you when everyone think you might die. Since you're by my side now, I can wait for you longer."

Without answering his question, Yvonne changed the subject. She pointed at the milk on the nightstand and said, "This is the milk brought by the servant. I can't believe a man like you would love milk."

Hearing that, Hearst smiled and said, "This is what you asked me to do before. You said drinking warm milk is easier to sleep and it can also relieve fatigue. So you asked me to drink it before going to sleep every night."

When she heard this, her heart sank. Now she understood why Hearst kept drinking milk every day. The thought made her jealous. Thinking of this, she said coldly, "Drink it now. It won't taste good when it's cold."

With a faint smile, Hearst took the milk, feeding it into his mouth. When she saw the lips of Hearst were on the cup, her heart skipped a beat and she moved forward instinctively. When she saw him raise his glass, she blurted out, "Wait."

"What's wrong?" Hearst looked at her in confusion.

Pointing at the glass of milk, Yvonne pretended to be calm. "It's cold. I'll ask someone to make another glass of milk for you," she offered. When she was about to take the milk, Hearst dodged her.

Satisfied, he looked at her. Hearst smiled and said, "I'm fine. The milk is still warm. The temperature is just right." Then, he raised his head and drank it all.

As the milk slowly went into his throat, a touch of worry flashed through her eyes. But she finally turned her head and did not want to see it. 'Hearst. Don't blame me, ' Yvonne thought to herself.

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