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   Chapter 343 Come Back, But Feel Like A Stranger

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 9049

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In the Chu family's villa, Yvonne bent over and slowly pack her things. The thought of leaving here saddened her. But she had to leave anyway. Only in this way, could she really get rid of Hearst. When she thought of the deal she made with Marcus, she frowned and took a deep breath.

Becky and Clark went to her room. Becky said with sadness, "Yvonne, are you really going to leave? I don't want you to leave. Don't leave me, okay?"

Yvonne stopped what she was doing, turned around and hugged them, "Dad, mom, I don't want you to leave either. But since I have promised Hearst, I have to keep my word. Dad, mom, don't worry about me. I will be back to you soon."

Clark sighed, "You made such a big sacrifice for me. I'm sorry, Yvonne. I'm useless."

Shaking her head, Yvonne gave them a sweet smile. "Don't say that, Dad. I did it out of my will. For me, this is the most important thing as long as you are safe. Besides, I will come back soon. At that time, no one can separate us."

Holding her hand, Becky said sadly, "Although I don't want you to leave, I respect your decision. And I believe that you will come back soon. It's a pity that your marriage with Marcus has been ruined."

"Mom, don't worry. It's just temporary. I have made an agreement with Marcus that after we get rid of Hearst, we can still get married." Yvonne smiled and continued. "At that time, no one will be able to destroy our life again."

Becky looked at her in confusion and asked, "What agreement? Yvonne, are you hiding something from us? Don't put yourself in danger, okay?"

Hearing their caring words, Yvonne felt warm in her heart. It was her honor to be protected by her parents like this. With her eyes full of tears, Yvonne sobbed, "Dad, mom, you two need to take good care of yourselves. When I come back, I hope both of you can be healthy and happy."

Clark fondled her head and said, "I will. Take care of yourself, too. If you are alone in a strange place, you should be careful everywhere."

"I know. Father, mother, don't worry about me. It was Hearst who take me away. I believe he will be responsible for my safety. It's late now. You two should go to bed." Yvonne smiled and urged them to leave.

They looked at each other, sighed, and turned away. After they left, Yvonne closed the door and wiped her tears secretly. In the past few days, she truly felt that her parents adored her. It was a great fortune for her and she didn't want anyone to destroy it.

"Hearst, you set a trap like this, and I will make you pay the price for it." Yvonne said through her gritted teeth.

The next day, she packed up and went out. When she went downstairs, she found that Marcus was waiting for her.

ng permeated in her heart. When she looked down at the two children, her heart beat faster. As a twinge of joy was about to spread across her face, her mood changed in a blink of an eye.

Gavin and Hearst was so much alive. When she looked at Gavin, she disliked him since he remind her of Hearst. The pink girl wore a princess dress like a doll, and looked alike Yvonne. Or, she should think that the girl looked alike her own mother, Heidy. Thinking of that she suffered a lot just because of Heidy, Yvonne couldn't like them any more.

She shook off their hands, and coldly said, "I'm a little tired. I'm going to have a rest in the guest room, okay?"

Seeing her coldness, Hearst frowned worriedly. "Okay, go upstairs and have a rest first." Said Hearst in a low voice, glancing at a servant. The latter understood and brought her upstairs.

Gavin and Elsa were stunned. They were still rooted to the spot. Fixing his eyes on Hearst, Gavin asked, "Dad, what happened to mom? Why doesn't she recognize me?"

Gavin was almost five years old. He was a sensitive and thoughtful kid. But when he sensed the indifferent attitude of Yvonne, he was still a little disappointed. Elsa blinked and asked with tears in her eyes, "Dad, why does Mom ignore me and my brother?"

Hearst squatted down to stroke their heads. He said in a soft voice, "Don't be sad, my dear. Something had happened to your mother in the past year. She forgot all of us. She lost her memory. Don't worry. She will remember us soon. By then, she will still be the good mother who loves you. Now, let's give her time to think about it, okay?"

Elsa didn't understand what he meant, but she still nodded and said, "Okay."

"Yes, I'll try my best to help mommy to regain her memory," answered Gavin, his face full of earnest.

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