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   Chapter 340 Carry Out The Plan

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Hearing that, Hearst felt a pain in his heart. Even if he knew that Heidy didn't remember him, even if he meant nothing in her heart now... However, when he heard these words, he still felt upset. He still cared about it so much.

Holding back all his negative emotions, Hearst said firmly, "Come back with me right now. Elsa needs you! Don't try to piss me off. My patience is limited."

Looking up arrogantly, Yvonne replied confidently, "I won't go back with you. I'm not Heidy and I don't want to be her substitute. That child is yours, but not mine. I haven't got married, how could I have a child? Hearst, even if you beat me to death today, I won't go back with you."

Seeing how determined she was, Hearst felt a sharp pain in his heart. Pursing his lips, he was burning with rage. With his eyes narrowed, Hearst said coldly, "Yvonne, think it over. If you don't go back with me, your Chu family will only pay a heavy price for you."

Yvonne raised her head proudly and said, "No matter what the cost is, we can afford it. But Hearst, I have to remind you one more time. If you really make our Chu family go bankrupt, I won't let you go even if I die."

"You must go back with me today, or I will kill your parents!" Said Hearst coldly.

Staring at him with her eyes wide opened, Yvonne didn't expect that the man would threaten her with her parents' lives. With her chest heaving, Yvonne shouted angrily, "Hearst, you bastard! If you dare to hurt my parents, I will never let you off!"

As for Hearst, he was a cold man, who only cared about the people he loved. As for others, he didn't care about them at all. "You can try and see if I dare or not!" Said Hearst word by word.

Biting her lip, Yvonne sank into deep thought. The familiar voice resounded in her mind again. With a livid face, Yvonne stared at the man in front of him and threatened, "If you killed my parents, I will commit suicide. Don't you always want me to be your wife's substitute? If I die, you will lose her. Then, your wife will be really gone."

Hearst stared at her in

eir mothers. I want to have a mother too. Some children said that my mother had died, but I didn't believe them. Daddy, you say Mommy is still alive, so it means she must be alive."

Every child longed for the love of a mother, so did Elsa. Seeing the look on her face, Hearst had mixed feelings. Touching her face gently, Hearst said in a firm tone, "Don't worry, Elsa. I will take mom back anyway. Be good in the hospital and you will recover soon."

Elsa bit her lips tightly and looked at him hesitantly. But her eyes were pitiful. "Dad, I'm sick. Can you stay with me? I'm scared and don't want to stay in the hospital alone."

His heart seemed to be stung by those words. Then, he said softly, "Well, okay. I'll be with you and take good care of you. When you are discharged from the hospital, I will go to do other things."

Elsa nodded obediently, and her eyes were tired. She pleaded, "Dad, you have to be with me. When I wake up, I want to see daddy after I open my eyes."

"Okay, I'll be here with you." Said Hearst softly.

Hearing that, Elsa closed her eyes and fell asleep soon. Hearst was looking at her face tenderly. But he frowned when he remembered Yvonne. Anyway, he would find a way to get Yvonne back to them. Only in this way could the family be happy together.

While Hearst was with Elsa, many things had happened and changed the situation.

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