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   Chapter 335 She Is The Man's True Love

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 6571

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In the yard of the Chu family, Yvonne rested for half a day because she had a sprain in her ankle last night. Perhaps it was because she had met Hearst last night, she would think about his face in her mind. But every time she thought of him, she got a headache. She couldn't describe that feeling.

"Yvonne, Marcus has come to see you." Becky said with a smile.

Yvonne raised her head, smiled at Marcus and said, "Hi, Marcus, what brings you here?"

Sitting next to her, Marcus caressed her head and smiled, "Of course I'm here to visit you. I heard that your ankle was sprained. Are you all right?"

Moving her ankle, Yvonne replied with a bright smile, "I'm fine. You don't have to come to visit me specially. I'm not that weak."

"You are my fiancee, of course I should care more about you. The weather is good these days. When your leg gets better, I'll take you to a walk." Marcus smiled mildly.

Looking at him, she said sweetly, "You are so kind, Marcus. You are a considerate man. No wonder I like you so much. Thinking about this, I really appreciate that my parents have arranged a marriage for us."

Hearing her words and looking at her smiling face, Marcus's heart missed a beat. Touching her head, Marcus replied softly, "Yes, I like you, too. Today I bring you a gift. See if you like it." Marcus took out a jewelry box from behind magically.

She opened it curiously. It was a beautiful and shiny necklace. "Wow, it's so beautiful. This is for me?" she exclaimed surprisedly.

Marcus picked up the necklace, tucked up her long hair, slightly leaned forward and put it on her neck. Hand on her neck, Marcus smiled and said, "Yes. I wanted to give it to you when I first saw it."

Putting her finger on the necklace, Yvonne said happily, "Thank you, Marcus. I like it very much." Saying that, she rose to her feet and suddenly kissed on Marcus's cheek.

Marcus froze in surprise, with the warm on his cheek. At that moment, an indescr

e on her face, "Mr. Wang, this is what our company wants you to know. We won't force Mr. Wang to invest. We just want to tell you, once our game is listed, how much profits will your company get. Also, it will have no bad impact on your company."

Mr. Wang shook her hand, smiled and said, "Miss Chu, you are a good talker. Well, I'm willing to believe your company once. I don't need to think about it. Let's cooperate. And I hope it will be a good start."

"Of course. It would be great," Yvonne replied stoutly.

Looking at her confident appearance, Mr. Wang laughed heartily, "Since Miss Chu is so confident and bold, well, I hope we have a pleasant cooperation."

"Thank you." Yvonne replied with a slight smile.

After leaving the meeting room, Ali said in admiration, "Miss Yvonne, you're so awesome that you've got an investment so easily. I'm really impressed by your confidence and demeanor in negotiations."

Patting her chest, Yvonne smiled and said, "In fact, I didn't expect that things went so well when we were negotiating. In fact, I was also surprised. I didn't expect that I could make it. It feels like I'm really good at it."

Before Ali said anything, a low voice was heard, "Of course you can do well. When you first started the Hua Group, you were doing great back then."

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