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   Chapter 334 Don't Be Stubborn

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It was cold at night on the mountain, especially on the winter night. With her arms folding in front of her chest, Yvonne looked at the man next to her and asked, "Why do you bring me here? What do you want?"

"Look at the stars." Hearst explained in a calm tone, "It is said that this mountain Is relatively high with a very broad view. You can clearly see the stars in the sky. And there is no cloud tonight, we can see it clearly."

After Yvonne heard his words, she grumbled, "I'm not in the mood to stay here and watch the stars. Don't go too far, okay? It's so cold. I want to go home."

Hearst turned around and walked towards his car. He took a blanket out and threw it directly over her head. She struggled to in the blanket, sticker out her head and stared at him. "Hearst!"

"Cut your nonsense. Just look at the stars." Said Hearst shortly.

Yvonne grabbed the blanket and wrapped herself with it, preventing himself from catching a cold. She turned around angrily and was ready to go down the mountain. But she came back unwillingly after taking a long distance. It was late at night and all lights were out on the mountain. She didn't have the courage to go down the mountain alone.

When she turned back again, Hearst looked at her with satisfaction. Then he said to her calmly, "Since we have time to be depressed, why don't you look at the stars?"

Her effort was in vain. Depressed, she found that she always seemed to be powerless when it came to Hearst. Thinking of this, Heidy felt grieved. To distract her attention, she looked up at the sky.

When she looked up at the starry night sky, her eyes twinkled with surprise. "The stars here are very beautiful." Gently said Yvonne.

With a smile on his face, Hearst replied, "Of course. You always like stars."

"It's not me. You were taking about Heidy." Said Yvonne seriously.

Raising his eyebrows, he asked back, "Is there any difference? You are her, she is you."

When Yvonne heard what Hearst had firmly believed in, she felt a little helpless. She didn't want to make any more explanations. No matter how she explained, Hearst was firmly believed that she was Heidy. She didn't want to waste her breath again.

She looked up at the twinkling stars quietly. "Why do you go to the hospital? Haven't you recovered from your mental disease?" Hearst asked unconcernedly.

Without moving her eyes, she replied calmly, "I'm almost recovered. But don't say that I have mental disease. I'm just a bit mentally unstable."

"Really? Do you remember what happened in your past?" Continued Hearst.

Throwing him a glance, Yvonne said proudly, "Who are you? Why should I tell you?"

Hearst shrugged and said, "It's up to you." Last time in the hospital, Hearst found something was wrong. So he asked his men to investigate it. But a

give up easily."

"Even if she isn't Heidy, you won't give up on her? You can do the DNA test. You have two children, right? You can take Yvonne's hair to have a DNA test to see if she is your Heidy." Said Marcus with a smile.

Seeing his confident look, Hearst felt confused. With a faint smile on his face, Hearst said calmly, "I will do the DNA test, but it's not because of you."

"You'd better do it earlier. It's good for you to give it up as soon as possible." Said Marcus in a calm tone.

Hearst pressed her lips together. Suddenly, Hearst wanted to see through the man in front of him. He found that Marcus's confidence a little surprising. "You are the one who should give up. She is Heidy. She could do plastic surgery or act in personality, but it's not easy to get the same scar in one position. Marcus, I can promise you anything as long as you give up." Said Hearst.

He didn't believe there were so many coincidences in the world. Not many people knew the scars on Heidy's forehead. In addition, it was covered by hair, so even the shape of a scar was the same. This was definitely not a coincidence.

Hearing his words, Marcus smiled and said, "Anything I want? It seems that you really want Yvonne. But Yvonne and I love each other. I won't give up on her. Yvonne and I are engaged since our childhood. I won't give up because of your words."

Grim faced, Hearst said in a low voice, "Really? I will not give up either. Even if you tried to struggle, I will make sure that Heidy will come back to me. No one can't take her away from me." Then Hearst walked passed by him quietly.

Seeing him leave, Marcus stood still. He frowned and looked worried. It had never occurred to him that Hearst was so stubborn. "Changes can't be made in time. But I will never give up my plan." Said Marcus in a determined tone.

He turned around and walked away.

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