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   Chapter 319 The Potential Danger In Happiness

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The wedding would be help in a few days, which made Heidy very nervous. In order to celebrate, Hearst had a small party. A group of friends had come to celebrate. In A city, only a wedding ceremony was the beginning of the marriage.

Heidy went to the private room of the hotel and found that it had been decorated. What a festive scene. Beautiful colorful balloons were used to decorate every corner of the private room. The room was filled with warm atmosphere.

Heidy came to Jessica and said in shock, "Why are you here? Aren't you pregnant and didn't feel good?"

Holding her hand, Jessica smiled and said, "The day after tomorrow, you are going to get married. I am your best friend. No matter today or the day after tomorrow, of course I will attend your wedding."

"Then you should take good care of yourself first. If you hurt the baby in your belly, I won't spare you." Said Heidy with a smile.

Aware of Heidy's concern for her, Jessica said coquettishly, "Okay, I know. I came here today to eat. I have vomited too much recently and I need to give myself a treat. You will get married the day after tomorrow. This is so exciting."

Noah came over, put his arm around her shoulder and said with a light smile, "You have been married, and it is just a ceremony. Since Hearst and Heidy have legally married."

"I'm still as beautiful as before. Don't address me as a married woman. Thank you." Jessica pointed at his chest and corrected him.

James came over and joked, "So we should call you hot mom Jessica?"

Jessica snapped her finger and said happily, "James is the sweetest."

Noah put her hand down and said seriously, "Mrs. Jessica, are you expressing your love to my friend?"

Raising her eyebrows, Jessica smiled triumphantly, "Yeah, so you have to behave well. Otherwise, I will take the baby with me and run away."

He flicked her on the forehead and said leisurely, "Don't be so cocky. You will know I'm a tough guy soon. I will behave well after you give birth to the baby."

Understanding what he meant, the people present all laughed. With a red face, Jessica waved her fists and yelled, "You brat, you don't know who will be on top then."

"So you guys like that." Then, Hearst suddenly opened his mouth and looked at Noah with a confused look on his face.

"Don't look at me like that. I'm a man. Of course I have to be on top." Noah expressed his stand immediately. But sometimes I have to let my woman do something, don't I?"

James Interrupt them immediately and said, "I have no girlfriend and I feel left out. Heidy, Jessica, leave them alone. Let's have fun." With that, James came over to the seat while holding their arms, wearing a smile on his face.

Seeing this, Noah and Hearst smiled at each other, and then they walked to their own women.

The day after tomorrow was Christmas, and it was also the happy day for Heidy and He


In the villa of S City, Marcus was watching the TV. He saw Hearst sitting side by side with Heidy and the happy look on Hearst's face. Even through the screen, he could still feel how happy Hearst was now.

With a coffee cup in his hand, Marcus looked at Heidy and said apologetically, "Well, I'm sorry, Heidy. I hope you won't hate me. It's time for Hearst to pay for what he had done."

Coming out of the TV studio, Heidy and Hearst got in the car and left. Leaning on his shoulder, Heidy smiled and said, "I'm afraid there will be more girls who like you when you express your feelings for me in the livestream. After all, not many men could be as affectionate as you."

Then, holding her hand, he lowered his head and kissed gently on the back of her hand, and said in a low and deep voice, "That's their business. I don't care about what other people think, and I only mind my own business."

She knew that Hearst was a self-disciplined man. Since he didn't have any affairs with women for so many years. In a tender voice, she answered, "Okay. It's not the way home. Where are we going?"

"To the airport." Said Hearst shortly.

She looked at him doubtfully and asked, "To the airport?"

"Yes. Let's go to our wedding place. We are now on the plane and will land at noon tomorrow. Take a good rest and then we can start the wedding the day after tomorrow." Said Hearst shortly.

She looked at him in surprise. Then she blinked her eyes and said, "The wedding is not held in A city? But I haven't brought any clothes with me."

Then he touched her cheek with his fingers and in a tender voice, said, "I've arranged for someone to bring it there. Now, you just need to go with me and be my bride without any worries."

Hearing his words, Heidy smiled and hugged his arm sweetly, "Okay."

In the car, Heidy smiled happily. What would happen to the wedding that she had been looking forward to?

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