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   Chapter 302 Bleed

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At last, Heidy paid a visit to the hospital. She was still worried about Ada. When she came to the hospital, she saw all her family members waiting outside the emergency room. Heidy felt that she had been criticized by everyone.

With a rattled expression, she came over to Hearst. "How is she?" she asked in a low voice.

"She is still in the emergency room. I don't know the details." Said Hearst in a hoarse voice.

Hearing what he said, she felt her heart almost jumping out of her chest. Generally, the longer the time for rescue, the more dangerous the situation was. At the thought of this, she felt her heart pounding.

Looking around, she saw that Nick was staring at the door of the emergency room. His hands were squeezed together because of nervousness. Wilson, on the other hand, kept coughing badly with his walking stick. In spite of this, he was not going to leave. Edith was trying to comfort Wilson, and the anxiety on her face was evident.

Thinking that it was all her fault, Heidy closed her eyes in pain and prayed in her heart, "I hope everything will be fine."

When she was praying, the door of the emergency room opened. Then, Nick immediately moved forward and anxiously grabbed the doctor's sleeve. "How is it? Is my wife all right? How is the child?"

The doctor took off his mask and said with a serious look, "I'm sorry. We've tried our best. The baby was healthy. But when she was sent to the hospital, the baby began to have suffocating reaction. We have saved her, but she lost the baby." Then the doctor bowed to them and left.

Hearing this, tears welled up in Nick's eyes. He lose all his strength, leaning against the wall. While Wilson was sitting in the chair, silent. Standing there dully, Heidy was disturbed by the doctor's words. She had never thought that her hands would even kill a newborn child.

The more she thought about it, the more frightened she was. Actually, she was trembling with fear. Tears of guilt were glittering in her eyes. She covered her mouth to stop herself from crying out.

At the sight of this, Edith directly stepped forward and pushed back Heidy. She screamed excitedly, "Heidy, you are a murderer! Give my nephew back to me!"

Heidy staggered back without any resistance. She seemed to have lost the strength to resist. Seeing this, Hearst immediately walked up to Heidy and held her. He scolded, "That's enough. She knew she made a mistake and she was guilty enough."

Edith pointed at Heidy and said angrily, "She felt guilty? So that is it? It was a baby, a small life. It's been seven months. He will meet us in another month. Because of her, the baby is gone. It's Nick's first baby."

While saying, the tears were welling up in her eyes, and she was too sobbing to continue.

very sad now as she likes her baby very much. She said she wanted to give the best things to her son."

Hearing what he said, Heidy felt more guilty. It was known to all the family that Ada loved her child very much. In this way, once they lost it, the harm would be huge. "I didn't expect that I would hurt someone like that." Said Heidy in a grave tone.

"Mom, the teacher said that if you did something wrong, you could make it up. I believe that as long as you make it up in time, aunt will not be angry." "How about you give birth to a baby for Auntie? Or she can have another one with uncle Nick."

Taking note of his serious look, she put on a slight smile on her lips. He was still young, but he tried his best to come up with a solution for her. "Don't worry. I will try my best to something for them. Since I made a mistake, I will try my best to make it up." Said Heidy seriously.

"Come on, mom. You're the best."

Caressing his head, she said softly, "Play with your sister later. If you want to sleep, go back to your room to have a rest."

"Mommy, where are you going? Are you leaving me?" Gavin asked eagerly.

Looking at his nervous look, Heidy smiled and said, "No, I just want to face it by myself, not to be a coward hiding here. No matter what a terrible situation it is, I have to face it by myself."

Gavin understood what she meant. He nodded and said, "Okay. I will wait for you at home."

She nodded, stood up and went outside. Thinking of Ada, she took a deep breath. No matter what Ada wanted to do to her, she was okay with it. She just hoped that she could try her best to make Ada to feel better so that she could feel less guilty.

On the way to the hospital, Heidy gazed out of the window, uneasy. At this moment, she didn't know that things were more troublesome and worse than she had imagined.

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