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   Chapter 236 Leaving For A Reunion

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The next day, Heidy and Hearst went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a divorce. The two people who once loved each other promised never to divorce. But she didn't expect that their divorce was finally for love. Soon, the news that they divorced spread in A city. Many were curious about the reason why they divorced.

In Hearst's villa, Heidy packed their luggage. Looking at the home in front of her, Heidy didn't want to leave. Then, from the study, Hearst came over to her, held her hand and said, "Heidy, come with me to the study."

Heidy nodded and walk towards the study with Hearst hand in hand. On the sofa, Hearst handed a piece of paper to her. He said in a low voice, "I have arranged this for you. Next, you will go to South America with our children."

Heidy looked at him in surprise and said, "South America? But, isn't it Dylan's place?"

Shaking his head, Hearst crossed his hands over his chest. Then he said calmly, "No. Dylan did well in the North America, but he didn't get to the South America yet. More importantly, although the South America is a little messy now, Dylan couldn't do nothing in there.


On hearing this, Heidy said in understanding, "That's why you think it's safer there."

Hearst nodded and added, "Two years ago, I accidentally saved a abducted child. And that kid is the grandson of the governor of M state. Your destination this time is the M state. I have contacted the governor. They will send people to protect your safety, and they will prevent Dylan's men from hurting you."

Since Hearst had agreed to let them leave, he would try his best to protect them from any harm. It was his responsibility to make a future plan for them. "Okay. We will go to the M state so that you can deal with Dylan," said Heidy smilingly.

He touched her pale face and felt sorry for her. "I'm sorry, dear. I've let you go through all these. I will get rid of Dylan, so that we can reunite as soon as possible."

Raising her hand, she held his palm and rubbed it gently against her cheek. Then she said with a smile, "It doesn't matter. I don't care. As long as I can be with you, I will do anything for you. After I leave with the kids, you have to try your best. I believe you will win."

Hearst hugged her tightly and he had mix feelings. He knew that this separation was their own choice, but this separation was for both of them to live a happy life. Thinking of this, Hearst said in a hoarse voice, "Wait for me."

Resting her head against his chest, Heidy closed her eyes and said slowly, "Yes, I will wait for you all the time."

They parted with each other reluctantly. Then, Hearst walked towards the door and saw them off. Outside the

Aunt Jessica. Soon, our family will be reunited. You have to be obedient and don't run around."

Gavin nodded before hugging Heidy. Hearing the broadcasting, Heidy stood up. Holding Elsa in her arms, she walked to the boarding gate with a heavy heart. Noah and Jessica held Gavin's hands as they watched Heidy leave.

"Mom, come back early," said Gavin, who was shedding tears.

Jessica felt sorry for him. She wiped off his tears and said, "Please don't cry. Mother and sister will come back safely."

Standing at the door of the cabin with Elsa in her arms, she looked back at the familiar city. She had the attachment in her heart, but she had no choice but to leave. She left for a better reunion. Taking a deep breath, she murmured to herself, "I will be back."

She looked away, raised her foot and walked in decisively. No matter how reluctant she was in this journey, she had to go on by herself.

Soon, the plane took off. With Elsa in her arms, she looked out of the window. With a light smile on her lips, she began to dream about the scene when they met.

On the rooftop in the villa, Hearst stood there, looking up at the sky. He knew that she was leaving today, but he couldn't see her. Although Dylan knew that they were forced to break up, they wanted to continue the acting. Letting her go was the most painful decision he had ever made.

Seeing an airplane flying across the sky, he said silently, "Heidy, you must wait for me. Wait for me."

His hands were clasped behind his back. His eyes did not leave the plane until it disappeared. Hearst swore in his heart that he would never let go of Dylan. Hearst had been put in a passive position because of his family. Now, he had to go all out to fight for his family. Thinking of this, he slightly narrowed his eyes.

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