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   Chapter 232 Play It By Ear

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At the same time, in the Xi Group, when Dylan was lost in his thoughts, the door of the office was opened. Then, the assistant came to the office and handed the documents in his hands to Dylan. "Boss, another two companies have announced that they refuse to cooperate with our company."

Before he finished his words, Dylan threw the documents on the ground in anger. He stood with arms akimbo, gnashed his teeth and said, "How dare these people go against me?"

The assistant bent down to pick up the document and said honestly, "In the past few days, the J.Y Group kept pressing them to refuse to cooperate with us. And not only that, the J.Y Group has joined hands with all the companies that have been working with them for a long time and used economic sanctions against us. According to the data, our company made a low in profit this year."

Of course Dylan knew the power of the J.Y Group. But he never expected the influence of Hearst to be so great. Although it was in the North America, Xi Group's situation was also critical. "Just ignore them. Keep fighting against the J.Y Group. We must steal their projects and arrange someone to burn down their warehouse," Dylan ordered sternly.

"That's not so good. The government in charge has been watching us covetously these days. It was said that Hearst had a lot of connections in the government. If we do so, we will get into trouble."

Dylan squinted and said with a sneer, "I will distract his attention from this."

"Right, boss. There is something very serious. Boss has been against the J.Y Group recently, which has brought great losses to our company. The board is very dissatisfied with you. Today I received the notice from the board of directors. They have the right to overthrow your management in the next board election if boss is determined to destroy the J.Y Group," added the assistant.

Dylan banged on the table with his fists, and said sternly, "I won't spare these old men. I'll handle it."

The assistant went silent, turned around and left. Dylan gazed at somewhere with a firm expression on his face. He had been hiding for three years. Now that they had finally confronted each other face to face, he naturally wouldn't easily give up. "=Hearst, I will beat you, surely," said Dylan firmly.

At the same time, in the J.Y Group, Hearst and Noah were talking in the office. "Hearst, what do you think Dylan is going to do next? Only if we know his next action can we make a plan as soon as possible."

Then, with his hands crossed over his chest, Hearst replied calmly, "In fact, I don't worry about the business competition with Dylan. The two companies are as strong as each other, and we still have a chance to win. Even if both sides were injured, he would suffer more seriously than us. What I worry most is that he uses dirty means to hurt Heidy and my children."

"Yes, it's possible," said Noah in

around Heidy. Heidy sat on the ground, and Hearst sat next to her.

Taking the flower in her hand, Heidy explained while she was doing it, "Look here, we have to twirl the roots of the flower..."

Hearst listened carefully and kept his eyes on what she did. Twenty minutes later, two beautiful flower rings appeared. "Isn't it beautiful? When I watched TV in the past, I thought those female leading actresses look so beautiful with the garlands on," Heidy recalled.

Then, Hearst put it on her head. He said in a gentle voice, "You look more beautiful."

With her eyes curled, Heidy smiled brilliantly, "Really? Thank you." As she spoke, she put the garland on Hearst's head. Then she clapped her hands and smiled happily.

Seeing her happy face, Hearst suddenly felt that all of this was worth it. "Do you regret meeting me? If you didn't have me around, the competition with Dylan will be a lot of easier for you. At least, you don't have to be threatened because of me," Heidy asked suddenly.

"I never regret what I have done, especially when I meet you," Hearst said in a low voice. "Compared with the cold-blooded former self in the past, I prefer the this new version of myself even more. Dylan hates me so much, might because he was jealous of my happiness."

Hearing his answer, Heidy smiled softly. She took up the phone, leaned her head against his shoulder and said, "Honey, you don't have our photo in your phone. You can't be like this."

Hearing her words, Hearst took the phone from her. After adjusting their postures, Hearst pressed the shutter and took a picture of their smiling faces. She took his phone and set the photo as screensaver. And her mobile phone was also replaced with the photos.

Seeing her doing all these happily, there was nothing but love in his eyes. Looking at the photo, Hearst didn't know that this photo would become the only thing for him to miss her in the near future.

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