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   Chapter 226 Give Up The Hope Of Life

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Something had happened to Hearst's company in M country, so he immediately went there to deal with it. The branch company in the A city was handed over to Noah. Heidy could deal with everything of the family by herself.

At night, Heidy started to tell stories to Gavin. It was the most relaxing time for Heidy after a busy day. She closed the book, smiled and said, "It's time to go to bed. What story do you want to hear tomorrow? I'll tell you then, okay?"

"Mom, when will dad come back? I miss him."

Hearing that, Heidy caressed his head and said with a smile, "Dad just left for a few days. There is something in dad's company, so he will be back in a few days."

After hearing her explanation, Gavin thought for a while and said, "Mom, please tell Dad that he should bring me and sister some gifts when he comes back. Otherwise, I won't talk to him."

Pinching her son's chubby face, she said dotingly, "Okay, I will tell him to buy a gift. It's late. Go to sleep."

Gavin nodded. Then he lay down on the bed and closed his eyes. She gently touched his head and left the room. When she entered the Elsa's room, she saw Elsa lying on the bed, playing the bell toy in her hand.

A smile appeared on Heidy's face. Since she couldn't speak yet, she could only express her emotions by simple facial expressions. "How is Elsa doing today?" Heidy asked calmly.

The nanny stood there respectfully, bowing and answering, "Elsa is great now, and she won't cry for no reason anymore. I've tested the milk powder and it's okay."

Heidy sat on the edge of the bed and caressed Elsa's face with guilt. Heidy bent down and held Elsa in her arms gently. Lowering her head, she planted a gentle kiss on Elsa's cheek. Thinking of what happened this time, Heidy's heart was heavy.

According to her investigation, it was not an accident. Needless to say, it must be Dylan who did it. Heidy didn't expect that even though Elsa stayed at home all the time, she couldn't escape from him. At the thought of this, she was fidgety.

"This time it's just milk powder. Next time maybe..." Heidy whispered to him but dared not think more.

Heidy looked at the girl who had a similar face with her with an amiable smile. Though she didn't spend much time with Elsa, she loved her and didn't want anything bad to happen to her. She would feel guilty and sorry for Gavin, and had pure love for Elsa.

Seeing Elsa yawning, she said softly, "Good girl, have a good sleep." As she spoke, Heidy patted her ass rhythmically and gently. Elsa seemed to understand what she said. She closed her eyes and lay in her arms quietly.

Making sure that Elsa was asleep, Heidy put her on the bed. Standing up, she looked at the nanny standing beside her,

give up his life and die with her? Thinking of this, Heidy felt warm in her heart. "So I am more important than Mommy?" said Gavin, smilingly.

"You're as important as your mom," said Hearst.

"That's great. Dad loves me the most," Gavin said with a smile.

Seeing them having a good time, Heidy noticed that his briefcase was still there. Heidy stood up and said with a smile, "You stay with the kid. I will help you take your suitcase upstairs." She picked up the briefcase on the sofa and went upstairs in satisfaction.

In the study, Heidy took out the documents from his briefcase and put them on the table. A document slipped from her hand. Heidy bent over and picked up the document.

When she was about to put it on the table, she saw the content in it, and was surprised, "Isn't this the formula of skin care products?"

It was the formula of skin care products in the paper. There were several popular skin care products developed by the J.Y Group. And the formula of these products was included in the file.

Heidy leafed through them randomly and found that each formula was marked very detailed with a specific content. This reminded her of the conversation between Dylan and her the other day. "If I take this formula to Dylan..." Heidy murmured.

The thought startled Heidy. She gripped the document in her hand with great force. She knew little about Dylan. "Never mind. It's not good for Hearst." Heidy shook her head and put down the document again.

She turned around and intended to leave, but her legs were still stiff. When she thought that during these days, they had caused accident to the children, she couldn't take further steps.

She picked up the document again and looked at the formula, lost in thought. As she looked at the data, a determined look flashed across her eyes.

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