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   Chapter 224 To Be His Burden

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 9403

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In the company, Heidy bowed her head and her hands danced on the keyboard quickly. In the past few days, apart from paying attention to the children, she put all her attention on her work. She thought she should make herself stronger so that she could help Hearst.

When Paul came to the office, he smiled and said, "Boss, you've worked so hard. In order not to be fired, I have to work harder."

Hearing the voice, Heidy raised her head and said with a smile, "Mr. Paul has worked hard. I learned it from you. Mr. Paul, I find that you are really a good negotiator. Many of our partners which planned to conceal the cooperation with us, wanted to continue cooperate with our company because of you recently."

"Of course, I'm also a shareholder of the Hua Group. Of course, I have to do my best to benefits for the Hua Group," Paul said jokingly

Having known each other for such a long time, Heidy finally understood that Paul was a genius. So she gave him the company's shares and kept him in the company. She exchanged 10% of her shares for his ten-year contract. Many people thought she would have a loss, and Paul thought so too.

However, on the other hand, Paul was more grateful to her. Since Heidy was the one who appreciate his ability. So he owe a debt of gratitude to Heidy. Therefore, he would try his best to help the Hua Group.

"So I feel relieved to have you here, Mr. Paul," Heidy said and chuckled.

Paul gave a thumbs up and joked, "If me and you didn't get married, I would have fallen in love with you."

Heidy blinked playfully, and then said smilingly, "Ha-ha. Although we can't be a couple, we are best friends."

Paul laughed cheerfully and said in agreement, "Of course, you are not only my leader, but also my family."

As Heidy was about to say something, her phone vibrated. Seeing that it was the kindergarten teacher, Heidy pressed the answer key, "Hello, teacher, what's wrong?"

The teacher said in an anxious voice on the other end of the line. "Mrs. Heidy, Gavin is missing."

Heidy jumped to her feet. She asked anxiously, "How could that happen? Okay, I'll go to school now." With that, she hung up the phone hurriedly and started sorting things out. She raised her head and was just about to say something to Paul, but was stopped.

"Boss, please go. I will deal with the company's affairs," Paul said directly.

Nodding, she said quickly, "Thank you so much." With that, she ran out of the room quickly.

She drove as fast as she could to the kindergarten. After parking the car, she rushed towards it. Just then, a little figure came into view. Heidy strode towards Gavin and hugged him and said, "Gavin, where have you been? You scared me."

Gavin raised his head and asked in curiosity, "Mom, why are you here? Aren't you at work?"

After l

said with a smile, "Thank you, Jessica. I feel much better after talking with you. By the way, how are you and Noah doing? Is everything going well? Tell me about it."

When it came to Noah, Jessica's face flushed red like a rose. She said, "We are the same. We always quarrel with each other like before. Strangely enough, I get used to bickering with him everyday. If one day he suddenly stopped quarreling with me, I will feel very uncomfortable and think that he is wired."

With a chuckle, Heidy joked, "It seems that you're used to him. Once you get used to it, it means that he means a lot to you."

Jessica shrugged her shoulders and put her legs on the chair. Then she said in a casual tone, "Don't talk nonsense. I don't think he is important at all. In my eyes, he is just a man. I want to have more fun in my boring life."

Being with Jessica for more than ten years, sometimes Heidy knew more about Jessica than herself. "Cherish him. It's not easy to get him back if you let him go," reminded Heidy.

"Hey, don't tease me like that. You should care about yourself first. If Dylan continues to mess with you, you and Hearst would be in trouble." Then she went on, "If you agree to cooperate with him, he will let go of Elsa and Gavin. Will you compromise? After all, in the current situation, he has a lot of dirty tricks up his sleeves."

Heidy didn't say anything but watched somewhere in a daze. Thinking of what Dylan had said the other day, Heidy said gravely, "Maybe. When I have no choice. Sometimes, I really hoped that I could know Hearst a little bit later. At least after he got rid of Dylan. Then, we can live safe without taking any risks. And I will not be his burden."

It suddenly occurred to her that what she would do if Hearst was in danger because of her. At the moment, she was thinking of leaving. If, she had no choice left...

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