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   Chapter 216 You Should Feel Lucky That I Can Marry You

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 10037

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In S City, Heidy didn't expect to come here so soon. Today, she and Hearst came back to Nick's engagement party. They hadn't intended to attend the party, but they were afraid that rumors would spread if they didn't show up, so they thought it necessary to come back.

In the largest villa of S City, almost all renowned people in the city attended the party. As one of the three major families in S City, it was an important event that the Liu family and the Tan family would have a marriage. Many media reported the news.

When Heidy held Hearst's arm and walked into the villa, the shutter was turned on. Now as a popular business genius in the country, Hearst naturally received much attention. Hearst walked up to Nick and said calmly, "Congratulations, brother, sister-in-law."

Ada frowned at the word "sister-in-law" and suddenly suffered chest congestion. She resentfully looked at them, but she could do nothing about it. At this point, it was not her choice whether to marry Nick or not.

Then, Nick glanced at Ada, and said to Hearst with a smile, "Hearst, I'm so happy that you can come back today. After I get married, you should visit us more often.

In her heart, Heidy sneered and thought, 'If I came back, I must be trapped by you again...' "My career is not in S city. I have been busy in the past few years, so I don't have many chances to come back." Then, without any emotion on his face, Hearst turned down his suggestion.

At this moment, a reporter suddenly asked, "There is a rumor that Ada is pregnant with Mr. Hearst's child. Can Mr. Hearst answer this question?"

Hearst turned around and said calmly, "I don't need any response to such ridiculous news. You will know everything after Ada's child is born. Besides, my brother is not stupid. He has no reason to raise a child for me. The only thing I can tell you is that I love my wife very much."

Worried that the press would ask even worse questions, the staff stepped forward and took the reporter away directly. The people who attended the engagement party today were all the family friends and relatives. Soon, they all forgot the episode and chatted happily.

As the ceremony officially began, Ada stood in the room upstairs, watching Hearst and Heidy standing side by side and looking at each other fondly. At the thought that she could only be Hearst's sister-in-law in the future, Ada was very indignant. She had worked so hard and planned for so long, but finally she ended up like that.

Nick came to her side and said with a smile, "Ada, the ceremony is about to start. Let's go."

After she rudely shook off his hands, Ada said in a cold voice, "Don't touch me. It's disgusting. Let me tell you, Nick. You'd better behave yourself and don't piss me off. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude to you."

Upon hearing her threat, Nick sneered, "Why? Ada, do you really think you are that charming? Do you think I want to marry you? If you have the nerve, you should go downstairs and tell every

Understanding what she was thinking, Wilson said lightly, "I really mean it. Now that they will get married, I don't have to object to your marriage. Besides, you have already given birth to a baby. If I stop you, it would be unreasonable. Besides, Hearst likes you so much. I have no right to stop him."

Heidy said nothing and just looked at him quietly. After a long silence, Heidy nodded at him politely, "If so, thank you, Mr. Wilson."

"I should be the one who should say thank you. After all, I had something to do with your father's death. Thank you for letting it go," said Wilson emotionally.

Looking at the man beside her, Heidy said calmly, "I just don't want him to be in a dilemma." They had gone through a lot before they could be together. She didn't want to be separated by others.

Wilson nodded and added, "That's also my reason and the only thing I can do for Hearst. I'll be there when the wedding date is set." Then Wilson stood up and went upstairs.

Then, Hearst and Heidy sat on the sofa and watched him leave. After they left Wilson's house, they took the plane directly. On the plane, taking a look at the scenery outside the window, Heidy smiled and said, "The matter about Ada is settled, and by the way, your father has agreed on our marriage. If that's the case, it's a fair deal."

Touching her face gently, Hearst said to her in a low voice, "Yes, nobody will stop us from being together in the future."

Resting her head on his shoulder, Heidy said with longings, "I hope we can live a simple life from now on. Although it is quiet, this kind of life is more real."

Patting her hand, Hearst said to her with a smile, "Okay, it will."

Looking out of the window at the white clouds below, Heidy suddenly said, "When our two children grow up, we will travel around the world and experience different ethnic customs."

"Okay, honey, I'll listen to you," Hearst answered without any hesitation. It was the best that they could accompany each other.

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