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   Chapter 210 Alliance By Marriage

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 9195

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In Wilson's villa, with a poker face, Hearst looked at the people of the Tan family and the Liu family. With a gentle smile on his face, Wilson said, "Why are you here, Hearst?"

"Are you going to discuss with me about Ada? Hearst, think it over. Do you want to take the responsibility?" Jina said with a smile.

With his legs crossed, Hearst looked at the two families opposite calmly. Before long, Heidy came in the house. Seeing her, Brown said unhappily, "Why do you ask this woman to come here, Hearst?"

Sitting down next to Hearst, Heidy said calmly, "I'm his wife. This is my home. Why can't I come? Mr. Brown, watch your mouth."

Brown snorted. When he was about to speak, he saw Ada appeared with a pale face under the lead of two servants. Upon seeing that, Jina stood up and asked anxiously, "Ada, what's wrong with you? Did you get bullied by Hearst?"

Ada looked at Hearst with a complicated feeling. She didn't expect that it would come to light so soon.

"Now that everyone is here, let's start." Then Hearst said with a blank face, "First of all, there is a recording." Then, he cast a glance at Assistant Liu. The latter understood and played a recording.

When they heard the content of the recording, everyone was shocked. Nick found it hard to believe. The content was exactly the conversation he had with Ada a few days ago. "How come..." Nick said gently.

After Hearst glanced at everyone, he said, "I'll tell you what happened that night. Someone drugged me, and I fell asleep when I got back to room. I slept deeply, so I couldn't have sex with Ada. Then, Ada asked Nick to have sex with her and she said that she was raped by me."

Before he finished his words, Brown said, "It's impossible. You are the one who forced Ada to have sex with, and you are the father of this child. We still need to find out whether the recording is true or not."

Upon hearing this, Nick hurriedly echoed, "Yes, yes. I was drunk that night and talked nonsense. I haven't done anything with Ada."

Seeing that both of them didn't want to admit it, Hearst said slowly, "I took Ada to the hospital for the prenatal checkups today. And she has admitted in person that her child is not mine. If you still want to argue, just do a DNA test and everything will be clear."

The Liu family went silent when they heard this. "It seems that you have already known it. You work together to set me up, right?" said Hearst in a cold tone.

When Wilson realized that something was wrong, he raised his hand and slapped on Nick's face. "Dad, why did you..." Nick asked surprisingly.

"You son of a bitch! How could you do this to your younger brother? Even if you like Ada, you shouldn't have promised her," Wilson interrupted him angril

gry that for them."

Then, Hearst turned his head to look at the woman sitting next to him. With a slight smile on his lips, he said, "It's all right. This matter has finally been solved. I'm sorry to have upset you these days."

Hearing his apology, Heidy shook her head and said calmly, "It doesn't matter. In fact, I can understand that. The whole thing was well planned. If we didn't record the conversation between Ada and Nick that day, it would be hard for us to find the evidence."

Based on what she had learnt, risk was involved in the DNA identification of the fetus, which required voluntary principles. If Ada insisted on not doing the examination and they didn't have any evidence, it was very likely that the secret would be further concealed.

"Yes, it's true. Ada is smarter than I think." Then he said in a low voice, "It's all my fault. If I had been more vigilant, nothing like this would have happened."

With a bitter smile, Heidy said sarcastically, "Since you can't even trust your family, who else can you trust. I didn't expect you to be schemed by your family."

Hearst said coldly, "In their eyes, I'm not their family. It was Ada's punishment to marry a man she didn't love and have a child. After this accident, I can also sever my relationship with my family."

Heidy opened her arms and hugged him. She said to Hearst with a smile, "From now on, you have me, Gavin and Elsa. That is enough."

Then, Hearst raised his hand and put it on her hair, and gently replied, "Well, I'm satisfied with it."

In silence, she rested her head on his chest. After this accident, she understood better the importance of cherishing each other. No one was sure whether they would go separate ways because of the unsolved misunderstandings. The most important thing right now was to cherish the present.

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