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   Chapter 208 I Am Glad I Haven't Betrayed You

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In the CEO Office of the J.Y Group, Hearst listened to assistant Liu's report with a poker face. "Boss, we found that Nick was a bit suspicious recently since we tried to start our investigation from the Tan family," assistan Liu said earnestly.

Tapping his fingers on the table, Hearst asked in a deep voice, "Have you found anything?"

"According to the conversation content we got, Nick is going to meet Ada tonight," Assistant Liu added. "I've arranged for someone to follow him closely. I will find a way to install the voice recorder button on them."

These days, Hearst had asked his men to investigate this thing. After investigation, he found that except for Ada, he could only find some clues from the Tan family. He still remembered that hickeys were all over Ada's body that morning. And according to the investigation, there was no man in the place where Ada was before that day. But the hickeys couldn't have been left by herself.

Thus, it was easy to judge that if the hickey was not left by Hearst, it must be other men in the Tan family. More likely, the one who would do it was Nick. Although there were so many men in the Tan family, Nick was most likely to do it. Because he was fickle and liked to flirt with women.

"Well, keep investigating it, and I hope to get real evidence this time," said Hearst in a grave voice.

Assistant Liu understood what he meant, nodded and said, "Yes, sir." Then, assistant Liu turned around and left.

Seeing that, Hearst stood up and walked up to the French window. He put his hands behind his back and looked into the distance. Standing on the top, everything seemed insignificant. But it was also because of his high position that many people wanted to climb to the top, so that they could enjoy the scenery of the high place together. In that case, there would be a lot of temptation.

Closing his eyes, Hearst said in a hoarse voice, "I hope this time I can find some substantial evidence."

In the evening, in S city. Ada cautiously looked around and confirmed that no one followed her. Then she walked towards the private room of the bar. When she opened the door of the private room, she found that Nick had been waiting for her there. At the sight of her, Nick said with a smile, "Ada, you're here."

Ada sat down on the sofa, and Nick rested his hands on her shoulders. Seeing that, Ada said in disgust, "Get your hands off me." While speaking, she rudely moved his hand from her shoulder.

Looking at her, Nick said with a smile, "We have already had that kind of relationship, why do you regard me as an stranger?"

Before he finished speaking, Ada covered his mouth at once and warned him, "Nick watch your mouth."

Looking at her nervous face, Nick said calmly, "Don't be nervous. This is S City, and Hearst and Heidy are not here. Besides, if you dare to come to see me, it means

will be the best time for us to fight back when we find the direct evidence."

She didn't answer, but looked at his serious face. Withdrawing her sight, Heidy looked ahead and said, "I hope so. In the past, I thought I could handle a lot of things by myself. When I saw Elsa have a fever tonight, I suddenly wanted to be with you. I'm a little scared to hold Elsa alone."

Thinking of that scene, she felt inexplicably sad, because no one helped her. Thinking of this, she felt heavy in her heart. Perhaps that was the reason why they got the opinion that women still needed a man to stay by their side.

On the other hand, Hearst was holding her hands, trying to warm her up. "Don't worry. Elsa will be all right soon." He was trying to comfort her in a gentle voice.

With a faint smile on her lips, Heidy replied, "Okay."

While they were talking, the nanny walked towards them with Elsa in her arms. She said with a smile, "Elsa's fever is gone."

Hearing this, Hearst stood up and took over Elsa from the nanny. Because her fever was brought down, Elsa felt much better. She stared at Hearst with her beautiful big eyes. "Elsa, do you miss daddy?" said Hearst softly.

Elsa looked at him with a smile. Standing aside and watching their interaction, Heidy felt deeply touched. When she was about to say something, Hearst's phone vibrated. Seeing this, Heidy took over Elsa from his arms.

Hearst look at the screen and answered, "Hello, how's it going?"

Hearing the words on the phone, Hearst smiled and said with satisfaction, "Well done, send all the evidences to the company tomorrow." After ending the call, smile spread across his face.

Looking at his expression, Heidy asked curiously, "Have you found out the truth?"

Pressing her shoulders, Hearst called her softly, "Heidy."

"What?" Heidy was confused.

With a smile on his face, he said, "I'm glad that I didn't betray you."

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