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   Chapter 206 The Right Way To Catch A Cold

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Heidy and Hearst hadn't made any progress in their relationship. Meanwhile, Jessica lead a colorful life.

At home, Jessica was having lunch. Her mother looked at her and said earnestly, "Jessica, Aunt Li's daughter has brought her boyfriend back. They are going to get married next month. She is so fast. And you should hurry up too."

Hearing her words, Jessica looked up at her and said, "They are getting married so soon. Did she pregnant? She must have a baby, or who would get married in such a hurry?"

After listening to her words, Vicky looked at her with a frown, and scolded her, "You little girl, can't you focus on the most important thing here? The point was that she could find a boyfriend so easily. You should learn from her."

With a sneer on her face, Jessica said in disgust, "Do you want me to get married so soon? I don't want to."

"What's wrong with it? At least she can find a husband. How about you? You are already in your twenties. Your ex-boyfriend had been married, but you hadn't found a new boyfriend yet. I'm just worried that when you wanted to find a boyfriend, all the good ones had been taken away. You don't have much choices left by then," said Vicky seriously.

Upon hearing her words, Jessica replied like a spoiled child, "Mom, I know. Don't worry, I will find a good son-in-law for you. Now, you can rest assure. Don't worry. I'll take care of it."

After Vicky cast a glance at her, she said in disbelief, "Good son-in-law. If you can get a boyfriend, I will be thankful."

With an bright smile on her face, Jessica said to her mother, "Just wait, mother. You should believe in your daughter that she will definitely find a good man. If I can't find someone better, I won't get married."

On hearing her words, Vicky shouted, "You are such a naughty girl! If you don't get married, I will beat you to death!"

"If you kill me, nobody will take care of you when you are old," Jessica replied in a hurry.

Vicky was so angry with Jessica. She said in a low voice, "You are so beautiful. Why can't you find someone who likes you. Do you still love your ex?"

Jessica shook her head and said, "You think too much. I won't miss that jerk any more. He made another woman pregnant and got married with her. I'm not a fool."

After hearing her words, Vicky sighed slightly. She said, "It seems that you have really been hurt so deeply that you can't get yourself together. Why is it so difficult to meet someone you like?"

When Jessica heard these words, Noah flashed through her mind. The thought of him made her blush. Next second, Jessica hurriedly stood up and said, "I'm going to work." Before Jessica finished her words, she ran away in a hurry.

Watching her back, Vicky asked in bewilderment, "What's wrong with her? Why is she face so red?"

In the taekwondo

not beat you?"

Looking at her lively appearance, Noah felt that she was not weak at all. He smiled and said, "Then come and beat me after you recover. Just have a good rest tonight and you'll be fine after a sleep. Call me if you have a fever."

After that, Noah stood up, with his hands in his pockets, and prepared to leave.

Jessica lifted the quilt and was about to kick him again. But this time, Noah was so vigilant that he directly grabbed her legs. Looking at her fair legs, Noah teased, "Your feet is tiny. I thought you were a woman with big feet."

She tried hard to pull her leg back, but it was tightly caught by Noah. Hands on hips, Jessica shouted, "Noah, let go of me!"

After he heard her, Noah calmly released her and said with a smile, "Well, I won't play with you. Have a good rest. When you recover, you can teach me a lesson then. I am leaving now."

"See you," said Jessica angrily.

When Noah saw her, he suddenly felt that she was very cute. He bent over and unexpectedly gave her a light kiss again. Then he said with a smile, "I'm really leaving. Have a good rest." Before she was about to hit him again, Noah left in a good mood.

Seeing him leaving, Jessica wiped her lips hard. Thinking of the way he kissed her just now, she covered her mouth and said, "Damn it. Why didn't I resist? It's not reasonable. Why didn't I feel it disgusting? It's wired."

Feeling that her heart was pounding faster and faster, she recalled what had just happened and patted herself on the head. "It seems that you are confused with a cold. Don't think too much. I will teach him a good lesson when I recover from the cold." With that in mind, she closed her eyes and prepared to sleep.

In the dark night, the scene that she was kissed by him made her flipped. That kind of feeling was strange to her. But at the moment, she didn't want to figure it out.

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