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   Chapter 205 You Must Stop It From The Beginning

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Waking up in the morning, Heidy was somewhat absent-minded when she looked at the familiar environment. It was not until quite a while later that she realized that she had been back to the Hua family last night. In recent days, she had got used to have Hearst with her.

She shook her head, brushed her teeth and walked out of the room. When passing Elsa's room, Heidy could only hear her crying. Then, she opened the door and saw the babysitter holding Elsa who was still crying.

"What happened? Why did Elsa cry so hard?" Taking over Elsa from the nursemaid, Heidy asked worriedly.

The baby sitter looked at Elsa and explained, "Maybe she is a little sensitive about the bed. After she came here last night, she wakes up and keeps crying. I need to hold her like this before she fall asleep."

Hearing her words, Heidy looked at Elsa sympathetically. After all, she was just a baby, not capable of adapting herself to such a strange situation easily. She would feel a little uncomfortable if she was in a different environment. Thinking of this, she gently stroked Elsa and said apologetically, "Elsa, I'm sorry. Mom shouldn't have brought you back. But you are so little. If I don't take you back, I will be worried."

Heidy wasn't sure whether Ada would find a way to live in their house. Gavin was smart. Ada couldn't hurt him easily. But Elsa was different. It would be easy for Ada to take advantage of her absence and hurt Elsa. Therefore, she couldn't leave Elsa at home.

It seemed that Elsa understood what Heidy said, or the smell of Heidy's body comforted her, she returned to quiet soon. Seeing this, the nanny smiled and said, "Children all like their mother more. See, Miss Elsa is asleep."

With a slight smile on her face, Heidy said, "Yes. Go and have breakfast first. I will let her down when she falls asleep." With that, Heidy slowly sat down on the chair next to her and gently stroked the back of Elsa.

The nanny nodded with respect and left. In the room, there were only Heidy and Elsa. Looking at the little girl in her arms, she said softly, "Elsa, I'm sorry. After we solve this problem, we can be together with dad. But I wasn't sure whether the problem could be solved or not. And I don't know whether I can accept it or not."

Heidy drove to the Hua Group after Elsa fell asleep. When she arrived at the company, she saw a familiar figure waiting downstairs. Heidy was surprised to see him. She didn't expect to meet Hearst so soon.

She walked towards Hearst in a calm manner and said, "Why are you here?"

On the other hand, Hearst turned around to look at her, and he felt relieved after he saw that her black eye circles had faded a little. It was also a good thing that she could live a better life if she left him temporarily.


n together for seven years, but our relationship ended because he cheated on me. Now, there's no man that I can trust."

A burnt child dreads the fire. That was exactly what was happening to Jessica. She loved him with all her heart and soul, so she was so depressed when she lost him.

"Just as James said before, we will bump into several scums in relationship before I meet with the Mr. Right. I ran into a bastard before, and then I met Hearst. So, your true love is still on the way," said Heidy seriously.

Placing her hand on Heidy's shoulder, Jessica smiled brightly and said jokingly, "There are not so many great men like Hearst in our life. Although you are now in a stalemate, it is undeniable that he is outstanding. Besides, he is faithful to you."

Heidy didn't answer, but looked out of the window. Just as Jessica said, she was really happy to have Hearst. This man, though cold, could really protect her. It was because she had experienced so many things that she didn't divorce him on impulse this time.

However, it needed a process to solve the problem. Thinking of this, Heidy said calmly, "Now I only hope that everything goes smoothly. Do you know? If he had slept with Ada and had a child with her, I might not be able to be with him. I can't accept it. I will suffer a lot in the future."

Once he had to get used to having an affair, her pain would only worsen. Deep inside, Heidy had bottom line. As long as he didn't cross the line, she could be with him, Otherwise, she could only give up.

Jessica patted on her shoulder and said with a smile, "Yeah, he won't. Now, let's wait together and see how it goes. Trust me. It will be solved soon. Trust me."

With a smile on her face, Heidy said, "I hope so."

Without saying anything more, Jessica and Heidy looked ahead silently. It was so quiet in the dark night.

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