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   Chapter 201 Not That Cruel

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Though Heidy didn't want to accept it, she couldn't find a solution. Therefore, she could do nothing but let this thing happen. After Hearst and Ada reached an agreement, the negative news about them were slowly fade away. There were all kinds of news reported on the Internet everyday. Many people gradually stopped talking about this matter.

Today is a special day. The J.Y Group officially goes into the cosmetics market. In the largest shopping mall of A city, the skin care products of the J.Y Group had been sold in the shops and stores. They had invested a lot in advertising on the early stage, so a large number of consumers had come to buy it today.

As a well-known international company, customers liked the products of the J.Y Group. Moreover, the product of the J.Y Group had been verified by the local medicine bureau, so customers could be more assured. And the promotion activity is also the reason that the customers are constantly rushing in.

Heidy and her assistant happened to pass by, so they wanted to watch the fun. When Heidy came to the store, there were already a long line of customers. Not far away from them, Hearst were standing side by side with Janie in front of the media.

In fact, Heidy knew that they would appear together. The skin care product this time was the product of between the J.Y Group and the Liu Group. It was normal for them to go out together for a ribbon cutting ceremony. But because of the hearsay a few days ago, it was rare for media reporters to see them together, so they certainly wouldn't let go of this opportunity.

The reporter put the microphone in front of Hearst and said with a smile, "Mr. Hearst, what do you think about the cooperation with the Liu Group? Is it because of Miss Ada that you didn't choose to cooperate with the cosmetics company in A city?"

Hearing such a question, Hearst said coldly, "No, our company only cooperate with the best companies. The Liu Group is one of the best in the skin care products companies, so it has become a partner of our company to enter the skin care products market. It has nothing to do with Miss Ada."

Hearing that, Ada said with a smile on her face, "Yes. Although I have a good relationship with Mr. Hearst, we are always scrupulous in separating public from private interests."

Before she finished, the reporter continued to ask, "Oh? So, Mr. Hearst and Miss Ada are friends in private. A few days ago, we got some news that Mr. Hearst and Miss Ada have an intimate relationship. Is that true?"

Hearing these words, Heidy looked solemn in the crowd. Hands clenching together tightly, she bit her lips. Heidy wanted to know how would he answer such a question. Although she had known the answer, she still wanted to know.

Hearing that, Hearst replied in a cold voice, "I only treat Miss Ada as my sister."

"Brother and

stairs. Gavin, just help me once."

After pondering for a while, Gavin nodded. "Okay. I don't want mom to starve." After saying that, Gavin carried the fried rice and egg in his hands and went to the room.

Then, Hearst untied his apron, and walked upstairs towards his study with a serious look on his face. The relationship between them became rigid. Hearst really didn't know how to deal with the situation. When it came to love, there was nothing Hearst could do.

When he came to the study, Hearst stared at the agreement on the desk with their fists clenched. He really wanted to force Ada to abort her child, but he couldn't do that. He couldn't deprive a woman of the right to be a mother just because of him. What's more, Heidy didn't allow him to do so.

Suddenly, his cell phone rang, breaking his thoughts. Then he picked up his phone and put it near his ear, "Hello... They must continue to investigate even if there is nothing unusual. If there's anything wrong, please let me know immediately."

After hanging up the phone, Hearst stared at somewhere thoughtfully. Over the past few days, he had always felt that this matter was a little strange. Even if he was really drunk, there was no reason for him to have no impression at all. There was only one possibility: he was drugged that night. What happened tonight must have something to do with the people present.

Although they were suspicious, Hearst didn't find any evidences these days. Obviously, the one who set him up was careful and didn't want to expose his weakness. He knew that even if there were really problems, it would be a long battle.

Hearst stood up and walked slowly towards the French window with his hands behind his back. Staring at the darkness outside, Hearst frowned, looking very serious. "I hope there is something fishy about it," said Hearst in a hoarse voice. Eerie silence fell upon the room.

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