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   Chapter 198 Get Drunk

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In the club, in the corner of the bar, Heidy kept drinking, one after another. Thinking of what happened today, she felt bitter. She thought that the matter would finally be solved, but she didn't expect that Ada was pregnant. It went beyond her endurance.

Jessica rushed to Heidy and sat down beside her. Looking at the empty bottle in front of her, Jessica hurriedly grabbed the glass and scolded, "Are you stupid? You haven't recovered from your surgery yet. How can you be so reckless to drink here. Don't you know how much impact it has on your body?"

Taking the wine glass from her hand, Heidy smiled bitterly and said, "Let me have it. I don't know vent my anger. I really don't know what to do now."

After hearing her words, Jessica took away her glass and said angrily, "No matter how sad you are, you should take care of your body. I have to consider your health, and you have to consider more about your child."

Hearing the word "child", Heidy giggled. "If it weren't for the child, I wouldn't have to suffer so much."

After hearing her words, Jessica asked, "Are you still sad about what happen between Ada and Hearst? Don't think too much since you have decided to accept the fact. Otherwise, it can only get you into trouble. You should think that this is the last chance for him. I know you are the one Hearst truly loves. It was just an accident."

They held the same view of love. They both hoped that marriage and love could be permanent. But this time, Hearst didn't mean to do it. Besides, Heidy said that he was probably framed by someone. Besides, Heidy had already had her child. Jessica thought that Heidy should give him a chance.

Hearing her words, Heidy asked, "So, even if Ada is pregnant with Hearst's child, I should still stand it?"

"What? Pregnant?" With her eyes wide open, Jessica said, "What a coincidence!"

Heidy picked up the bottle and drank it. The liquid ran down the corners of her mouth. With a desperate look on her face, she said, "Yeah, pregnant, surprised? I thought I was strong enough to accept it. Now I think I can't accept it at all."

Seeing the expression on her face, Jessica suddenly didn't know what to say. Looking at her pale face, Jessica hugged her and said, "Don't be sad. Even if you are sad, you can't ignore your own health. There must be a solution."

"Fix it? How should I fix it? How could I ask Ada to have an abortion? I am a mother and I have just had a baby. I can't do such a cruel thing. But, let me accept them? I'm not that open-minded. I can't do it." Resting her head on Jessica's chest, Heidy cried sadly.

Jessica touched her head and comforted, "Don't be so desperate. This matter must have a solution. Hearst is good. As long as he wants to solve it, I'm sure

the Liu family on the benefits of his company. In fact, they had already wanted to agree on his proposal. However, Wilson didn't agree with him and tried his best to persuade Hearst. Hearst was very clear about his father's worries. Wilson didn't want GR Group to be defeated by the Liu Group.

The relationship between Hearst and his family was not good. So, he didn't have to consider his family's request. However, in order to influence his decision, Wilson even asked Hearst's grandmother to talk with him and told him not to affect the family interests. Hearst's grandmother was the only person who was nice to her mother before she died. Therefore, Hearst was more respectful to her.

Heidy said nothing, but her heart was beating fast. Slowly closing her eyes, she said softly, "I hope this matter can end soon, or else, I'm afraid it will be difficult for me to stay by your side." It was not easy for her to forget this thing, let alone the baby.

Understanding what she was thinking, Hearst caressed her face and said seriously, "No, you won't. I won't allow you to leave. No matter what will happen in the future, you are not allowed to leave me."

Heidy didn't answer. She thought that nothing was eternal in the world. Perhaps now they loved each other so much, but who knew if they would be with other in the future. She slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep.

On the other hand, Hearst was sitting there, watching her breathing slowly. He raised his hand and gently rubbed her eyebrows with his finger pulps. Looking at her, Hearst mumbled to himself, "I won't let you leave me. Never!"

He leaned forward and kissed her lips. Then, he stood up and walked towards the bathroom with heavy steps. Through tonight's talk, Hearst knew that this matter had to be solved as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would lose her.

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