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   Chapter 197 She Was Pregnant

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 9227

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In a twinkling of an eye, it was half of the first month of the lunar year. After what happened in new year, though Heidy didn't divorce Hearst, they were not as close as before. Hearst had tried his best to improve his relationship with her, but Heidy couldn't live with him as if nothing had happened before. Thus, the question had become a knot in the heart of Heidy.

In the meantime, the Liu family had made up their mind that Hearst would be responsible for their daughter. The two sides were in a stalemate. The Liu family said they would spread the news out, but they didn't do that in the end. They knew clearly that once they spread the news, they would not have chance to be reconciled with Hearst.

But their relationship was broken in the end.

In the CEO's office of the Hua Group, Heidy carefully finished her work in her chair. These days, Heidy had been back to work. She had thought to take more rest to accompany Elsa. But that incident had changed her plan.

"Boss, this is the financial statements of this month, please have a look," Warren said and put some files on the desk.

Heidy nodded and rubbed her eyes wearily. "Boss, have a rest if you are tired," Warren added. "You just had a baby and you can't overwork."

Shaking her head slowly, she said in an indifferent tone, "No, I want to be busy recently. I had no time to think too much when I was busy. Warren, change the social engagement to tonight."

Warren looked at her in surprise. Perplexed, he asked, "didn't you say that you will go home to keep the kids company tonight?"

Leaning against the chair, Heidy said calmly, "I can go back at noon to keep them company." She tried her best to distract herself from Hearst so that she could have more time to persuade herself to accept him for the sake of her child.

After hearing her words, Warren understood her meaning and said, "Okay, I'll arrange it now." Then, he walked out of the office.

With one hand supporting her forehead, she frowned tiredly. She had been so busy recently that she was really tired. She closed her eyes to relax for a while. Suddenly there came the footstep. Heidy raised her head casually. Warren said with embarrassment, "Boss, Miss Ada wants to see you."

At the sight of her, Heidy became very serious. "You may leave now," said Heidy to Warren.

Then, he left the office, leaving only Heidy and Ada there. Crossed her arms in front of her chest, Heidy looked at her coldly, "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to see how tolerant you are. I didn't expect you to work here as if nothing had happened, even Hearst had already slept with me. I underestimated you before," Ada said coldly.

Heidy said calmly, "It's my business. I don't need you to tell me what to do. Y

w it yesterday. I haven't thought about how to tell you yet."

According to his original plan, if the Liu family didn't agree on his plan, he would deal with it in some cruel way. However, when Ada was pregnant, he changed his mind. The child's arrival was not within his expectations.

With a smile, Heidy said with tears in her eyes, If Janie Liu didn't come to me today, are you planning to keep it from me forever? Hearst, you and I are husband and wife. I thought that no matter what happened, you would tell me frankly, and then we could solve it together. I didn't expect that you would treat me like a fool."

"I just don't want you to get angry. During this period, I know that you have been paying attention to this matter." Then he said in a serious voice, "You haven't forgotten about that thing until now. If you know that she is pregnant, you will be more and more away from me. So, I plan to tell you about it after I solve it."

Hearing his explanation, Heidy suddenly burst into tears. She smiled, wiped her tears and said, "After you solve it? What if the problem can't be solved and you will hide it from me for the rest of your life? Hearst, in fact, our relationship is rather fragile." Then she walked outside, but Hearst pulled her by the wrist.

Looking back at him, she said with a slight smile, "I want to go out to have a rest and think carefully about the problems between you and me. And about Ada." With these words, she pushed his hand away, looked away and walked outside without turning her head.

Seeing that, Hearst wanted to catch up with her, but he stopped after taking a step. He was very clear that if he didn't solve this thing, their problem would become more serious than before. Thinking of this, Hearst looked more dignified.

However, it was not an easy thing to solve the problem.

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