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   Chapter 188 Make A Fool Of Yourself

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The closer the delivery time was to Heidy, the more nervous and nervous she was. In the face of the coming baby, she filled with expectation. The birth of this child had changed her life. Heidy often thought that if she hadn't had the baby with Hearst three years ago, would they still be strangers?

In the morning, dressed in a large down jacket, Heidy slowly went to the yard. In recent days, the weather in A city rapidly changed. The flowers in the courtyard all withered. She came to the blue enchantress slowly. Their petals had withered.

Perhaps it was because of her mood that an indescribable sad emotion emerged from her heart. As a result, an indescribable feeling of sadness pervaded her heart continuously. "When will spring come?" asked Heidy softly.

The servant came to her and said respectfully, "Mrs. Heidy, it's very cold today. The weather forecast said it might snow, so you'd better go back to your room."

The air in the yard was freezing. "Okay," said Heidy.

She went back to her room and lay on the bed. As usual, she paid close attention to the fetal movement. After seven months, she began to measure the baby every day, in case there was anything wrong with it.

She suddenly recalled something and sat up. "How can I forget that today is the anniversary of my mother's death." In the past, on this day, her father would take her to her mother's grave. However, her father didn't accompany her this year, so she had forgotten that. Thinking of this, she uncovered the quilt in a hurry and went downstairs.

She wanted to go out alone, but she finally called Hearst. After all, now she was in a special period. No matter what she was going to do, she needed to pay more attention to it. Unintentionally, Hearst went to the cemetery with her.

Holding tightly Heidy's hand and holding her waist, Hearst walked slowly on the steps. "It is frozen this morning. It's slippery. Walk slowly," Hearst reminded her.

With a warm smile on her face, Heidy nodded and said, "Yes, I know. In fact, you can just find someone to accompany me. You don't have to do it in person. You should still be busy with your work and you have to prepare for Gavin's operation."

"Today is your mother's deathday. I should come with you," said Hearst in a low voice.

Hearing his words, Heidy felt warm in her heart. Without saying a word, she walked slowly forward. Finally, they came to the tomb of Heidy's mother. Heidy looked at the woman's photo on the tombstone and said with a smile, "Mother, I come to worship you. I'm sorry. I almost forget it. Are you angry with me?"

There was no sound in the cemetery except the sound of the cold wind blowing. She had a simple conversation with her mother and told her that she was going to give birth.

e. He only cares about the baby."

"Do you think I will believe you? Ada, I won't give you any chance to drive a wedge between us. But anyway, thank you for saying so. Even if it was just nonsense. For me, you are like a joker. You make me laugh when I see you make a fool yourself here," said Heidy with a charming smile.

Ada raised her hand and wanted to teach Heidy a lesson, but she finally stopped her hand indignantly. She knew that if she really touched Heidy, she couldn't get away with it. With a snort, Ada said, "You will know the truth very soon. Then you will know how embarrassed you are."

Then, Ada turned around and left arrogantly. Heidy walked into the house without looking at her.

She just walked into the porch and felt a little pain in her stomach. Although Heidy didn't believe in Ada's words, she was still a little angry about what she said. "It seems that she hasn't given up. In the following, I have to watch out," Heidy murmured to herself.

When she felt better, she stood up and walked upstairs slowly.

In a car not far away from Heidy's house, Ada was sitting in the back seat. She looked at the man with doubt and said, "You know that Heidy won't believe my words, but why did you ask me to say that?"

A man sat beside her. He had a good-looking nose and thin lips. He looked ahead in silence. A vicious smile spread across his face. "Women are always funny. Even though she knows that you are telling a lie, she still thinks about it. This is the only good thing for her to break up with Hearst in the future."

"What happened between you and Hearst?" Ada asked in confusion.

Then he turned around and rested his long arms on Ada. He bent down and said with a hint of danger on his enchanting face, "Don't ask too much about things you shouldn't know. Otherwise, you are not cute anymore."

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