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   Chapter 184 Arrived At The Hotel

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 9369

Updated: 2020-03-18 00:32

In the villa, Heidy and Gavin sat on the sofa. They played games together, smiling. In Heidy's mind, weekend is the most favorite day. Because on weekends, Gavin would be with her so that she could have someone to talk to.

Playing with the snowy blocks in his hands, Gavin said excitedly, "Mom, look! This is the robot I made. Is it beautiful?"

Looking at the pattern made of snow, Heidy tried to give full play to her imagination. She said smilingly, "It's very beautiful. However, you seem to like robot."

"Because the robot is beautiful, they are excellent. These are their cannons," said Gavin, who jumped in front of her. As he spoke, Gavin pointed to a place on the toy.

Seeing him having a good time, Heidy smiled brightly and was lost in thoughts. Children were the happiest. In their world, they would only have fun, and their parents would have no worries. Thinking of her childhood, a smile spread across her face.

"Mom, dad said you're going to give birth soon. Is that true?" Puzzled, Gavin asked.

Heidy waved to Gavin and he ran to her. She took his little hand and put it on her stomach. When Gavin was puzzled by what had happened, the belly started to move. Gavin stepped back and said, "It is moving..."

With a warm smile on her lips, Heidy explained, "Yes, it is your sister who was greeting you. She said that she wanted to see you as soon as possible and play with you."

After hearing her words, Gavin asked, puzzled, "Will sister take away my toy?"

She smiled brightly, caressed his head and answered, "No, sister won't take your toy away. The reason why she is here is to help you live well and to accompany him growing up."

After pondering for a while, Gavin nodded and answered, "Yes. Dad told me that only my sister can save me since I'm sick. Mom, I'll take good care of my sister in the future as long as she doesn't take my toy away." As he spoke, Gavin put his hands on her belly again. In this simple way, he intended to interact with his sister.

Heidy looked at him gently. Every child was afraid of their younger brother or sister because they were afraid that their parents would not love them anymore.

As for this, she worried that she would be partial to her unborn child. Then she realized that Gavin was still her child even though she didn't be with him when he was little. She decided to take care of him and love him with all her heart, in order to make up for him.

At noon, Hearst came back to have lunch with them. After that, he prepared to go to work. Seeing this, Heidy asked with concern, "Today is weekend. Why are you still working?"

Putting on his coat, he said, "Well, our company has lots of things to do because of expanding the cosmetics industry. I don't want anything to go wrong with this plan. I have to think

s he finished his words.

Since he was fine, Heidy looked back at the hotel gate, but she didn't see Hearst and Ada anymore. he looked around and they were nowhere to be found. She took out her phone and called Hearst. The phone rang for a while, and then it was answered. Hearst asked, "What's up?"

"Where are you?" Heidy asked, straight to the point.

"Something urgent. I'll call you later," Hearst said it simply and then hung up.

Listening to the voice from the phone, Heidy held her phone tightly and stood in the cold wind. With a slight smile, she didn't know whether she wanted to cry or laugh. "I can't believe what I see with my eyes," Heidy kept reminding herself.

After standing there for a few minutes, Ada's voice came as she turned around. "Heidy, why are you here?"

At the sight of her, Heidy's eyes fell on her hair. At the beginning, she only noticed that they appeared together, but she didn't notice that Ada's hair had been cut short. She couldn't help thinking of what the girl in the mall had said the other day.

Seeing that she was silent, Ada chuckled and said, "What? Are you dumb? Do you want to see me? Or, what did you see just now?"

Hearing this, Heidy squinted and asked, "What do you think I will see?"

Ada walked up to her, looked at her belly and said slowly, "Nothing. I just want to remind you of one thing. Men's desire will never be over because of the pregnancy of his wife."

"Do you mean you slept with Hearst?" Heidy looked at her and said directly.

Ada didn't answer her question directly, but proudly looked at her and said, "I've promised you that I will be the woman around Hearst. Then, replace you gradually." After saying that, Ada turned around and left in a good mood.

Watching her receding figure, Heidy stood there, lost in thought. She felt that it was not as simple as it seemed.

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