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   Chapter 181 Lips Stick

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In the middle of the night in their own mansion, Heidy felt her stomach ache. She couldn't describe that feeling. Bending over, she patted on the sleeping Hearst sadly, "Wake up, Hearst, my stomach hurts."

Hearing that, Hearst didn't feel sleepy any more. He stood up quickly and asked, "What's wrong? Is the baby going to come out?"

With a pale face, she answered weakly, "I don't know. By rights, if I gave birth now, it must be premature birth."

Hearst quickly put on his clothes and said to her in a low voice, "Don't say anything now. I'll take you to the hospital." After dressing her up, he carried her downstairs. The driver was woken up and then drove them to the hospital as fast as he could.

As soon as they arrived at the hospital, Heidy was sent to the emergency room for further check. Though reluctant, Hearst had to wait at the door. Seeing the door being closed, Hearst looked solemn and waited anxiously.

After a long time, the door of the emergency room finally opened. Then, Heidy was sent to a ward. Seeing her pale face, Hearst asked immediately, "Doctor, how's my wife? Is she about to give birth?"

The doctor was quickly writing down the notes on the medical record. Then he raised his head and replied with a smile, "It shows that the fetal heart is normal. Her uterine cervix hasn't opened yet. It isn't premature birth. According to the check-up, your wife had a stomachache because of the fierce sex. Although it is in the later period of the pregnancy, you'd better be patient in this critical situation."

Hearing the reason, both of them felt very embarrassed. All of a sudden, they wanted to run away. After the doctor left, Heidy blushed and said to him in a flirtatious tone, "I told you to be restrained..."

Feeling like weeping but had no tears, Hearst said gloomily, "I've restrained myself. I didn't expect that I still hurt you. It seems that I can't touch you again before you give birth to the baby, in case anything goes wrong."

Over the past period of time, he had tried his best to control his desire. However, he couldn't control himself at last. Thinking of this, there was resignation on Hearst's face. Touching her head gently, he said in a gentle voice, "You should have a good rest from now on. You can satisfy me until Elsa is born."

Cupping her cheeks with both hands, she said shyly, "Lecher. If I have to satisfy you, I'm afraid I have to break my waist."

Raising his eyebrows, Hearst said in a low voice, "This is because you are my only love, okay?"

Heidy thought for a while and agreed. At least, he wouldn't have sex with other women while she was pregnant. She had heard a lot of news about husband's unfaithfulness during woman's pregnancy. "Well, it's not bad," said Heidy, giggling.

After everything was done and they remember what the doctor said, they left the hospital together. The winter night was cold. As usual, Hearst was holding Heidy in his arms and covered her with a thick blanket.


y said, "Maybe. Ada is your friend since your childhood and your father treat her as his daughter-in-law. She is different from others."

If it was someone else, she might have not been worried about it, but Ada wanted to marry Hearst because of the Liu family. Although she believed that Hearst loved her, she still believed that women could be tricky sometimes. If Ada played some tricks, and the two families were in close relationship, there might be some negative impact on Hearst...

With both hands on the steering wheel, he said calmly, "We are not that close. You are the one who I love the most. No matter what my father thinks of you, it will never change my mind. Besides, there is a fruit of love between us."

She put her hands on her belly, quietly feeling the existence of the child. All of a sudden, the little guy kicked her. Heidy felt pain and said, "The little girl kicked me."

Hearing her words, Hearst smiled and said, "Because she thinks that mom is doubting dad's sincerity and you should be punished."

Patting her stomach, Heidy said with a smile, "The girl is on your side even before she comes out. She may bully me in the future. It seems that I need to be close with Gavin. When you two work together, I can find a helper."

Seeing her bright smile, Hearst said in a spoiled tone, "That's a good idea. But honey, I won't bully you. I love you so much. How can I bully you?"

"You've learned a lot about how to sweet talk now," Heidy turned her head and teased.

Hearing her words, Hearst shook his head and said, "Noah told me that if I was clumsy in speaking, you wouldn't love me. Women need to be cajoled."

She giggled and said in a teasing tone, "Noah still has time to teach you. When can he win Jessica's heart?"

As they talked and laughed, they completely forgot what had just happened. However, she knew that Ada wouldn't give up easily. In the future, she could not figure out what method Ada would use. But flinch was not her style.

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