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   Chapter 177 I Would Help You

Head Over Heels By Man Yaorao Characters: 9593

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In the taekwondo gymnasium, Jessica, dressed in the uniform, seriously training the students. Dean asked her to take charge of his company. Then, she wanted to start from the taekwondo.

A student was humming a song as he came to her side. Seeing this, Jessica walked forward with arms akimbo and kicked him in the shins. "Get up. Go to practice," she ordered.

The student looked at her with a smile and said, "Coach, I'm tired. I need some rest."

Pointing at the other trainees, Jessica said unhappily, "Aren't other students tired? You should have known it since you decided to learn taekwondo. Stand up right now, or else you will not be allowed to finish class today."

Seeing her tough attitude, the student stood up from the ground and said with disdain, "Don't be so cocky. You are the daughter of the boss. How dare you, a little woman, teach me?"

When she heard him, Jessica squinted and said, "You brat, are you doubting my ability? Believe it or not, I can knock you down directly."

But before she could finish her words, the trainees said arrogantly, "I've been learning Taekwondo for two years. You want to knock me down? No way."

Seeing that he didn't take her seriously, Jessica grabbed his arm. Suddenly, she threw him over her shoulder and slammed him onto the ground, and he cried out in pain.

"How dare you!" The student got up from the ground and rushed towards her. Seeing that, Jessica moved agilely and dodged away. Then, they started fighting with each other.

Seeing this, other students rushed over to watch. The trainees were all tall and strong, and Jessica was small and exquisite. But Jessica's skill was very good, coupled with her fast response, and her agile move, she was not inferior to the student at all. Just as the two fought, a figure appeared in the crowd.

Ten minutes later, Jessica kicked the student and the latter was thrown in the air. The next second, she stepped on the man and said coldly, "Do you want to continue? Bastard, you are too young to fight with me. I have fifth degree black belt in taekwondo. Who is the winner now?"

Looking at his face, which was black and blue, the student hurriedly said, "I surrender!"

Letting go of him, she clapped her hands and said to all the trainees present, "Focus on your lesson. If anyone dares to make trouble, he or she will be punished."

Then, a male voice was heard, "The way you teach students is really special."

Looking in the direction of the voice, Jessica asked with doubt, "Why are you here, Noah?"

With a smile, Noah came up to her and said, "Didn't you see it? I'm the coach of your Taekwondo gym."

"What?" With her eyes wide open, Jessica pointed at him in disbelief, "You? Why would a toy boy want to be a coach? Aren't you afraid of hurting your body?"

"Miss Jessica, although I'm a little handsome and have fair skin, yo

with one hand, Jessica looked at him in surprise. "Oh, you know it!"

Noah reached out his hand and pinched Jessica's cheek hard, making her scream out. After a while, Noah let go of her and said, "You deserve it."

Seeing that he was a little angry, Jessica hooked his neck with one hand and smirked, "Hey, are you angry? I was just kidding. Okay, since you helped me apply medicine today, let's celebrate the Christmas together. That will be fun."

Noah showed a satisfied smile. He touched her head and smiled gently, "Good girl."

With both hands on her chest, she put on a disgusting look and said, "Don't laugh. Or I will beat you up."

Noah patted her clothes and looked at the time. He stood up and said, "Let's go to have lunch."

"You go first. Don't wait for me... Ah, what are you doing, Noah?" Before she finished her words, she was lifted in the air. She saw that Noah directly held her in his arms and walked towards the door of the classroom.

Noah looked down at her and said with a smile, "Can't you see that? I'll take you to lunch."

She struggled hard and said gloomily, "Put me down. I hurt my arm, not my legs. I want to walk on my own."

Still, Noah didn't plan to let go of her. "You walk too slowly. We can walk father in this way," Noah answered calmly.

"Screw you! Let go of me. People will gossip about us if they see us," shouted Jessica.

After hearing what she said, Noah smiled and said, "No. I'm just helping others. But if you keep shouting, I don't throwing you on the ground right now. Then your butt will get hurt."

When she saw that he was smiling like an old fox, she touched her bottom. She shook her head and compromised, "All right. It saved me from walking."

Noah smiled and said, "Since you are so obedient to me, I'll treat you a big meal."

With her eyes flashing with excitement, Jessica gave a thumbs up and replied, "That's great!"

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